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Things to do in Basse Terre - Guadeloupe

Golden and white sand beaches, amazing rainforests, beautiful waterfalls, verdant mountains and high volcanoes anticipate the tourists who travel to Western Island of Guadeloupe named Basse Terre. Although the name of this scenic city translates to ‘low land’, the 1467 m above sea level, Soufrière Volcano proves otherwise. Marvel at the nature of the beautiful capital of Guadeloupe in the Guadeloupe National Park, a verdant rainforest, and hike on its amazing old tracks which will take you to the famous Crayfish Falls and Carbet Falls. But before you set on your hiking journey remember to bring appropriate foot gear as you may find the tracks a bit muddy because it often rains there. While nature enthusiasts wander through the thick rainforest, thalassophiles can bask in the sun at the sandy Grand Anse Beach. If you are interested in exploring wide variety of flora and fauna, head over to Mamelles Park and discover 85 different species of animals. This tropical paradise also offers historic sites such as Fort Delgres where you can not only learn about history of Guadeloupe but also get amazing views.

  • Fort Delgres

    Fort Delgres, a memorial to Louis Delgres, is a must visit historic site in Basse-Terre and reflects on the history of Guadeloupe and how its people fought against slavery. The fort is very well-preserved and is free to explore. You’ll be surprised by the amazing scenic views this fort offers.

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  • Cousteau Reserve

    If you want to make your tour to Basse-Terre more adventurous look no further than the Cousteau Reserve, a protected marine park in Basse-Terre. Dive into this park and unearth different types of corals, sponges, fish, sharks and many more marine animals. Scuba diving and underwater hunting are among the many activities that Cousteau Reserve offers.

  • The Carbet Falls

    Located in the Guadeloupe National Park, amidst the verdant rainforest, are the marvelous Carbet Falls. The 2nd fall is the most popular of the three Carbet Falls, and is easily accessible with hot springs near it. You’ll know why the Carbet Falls are one of the most visited tourist sites in Basse-Terre only when you visit them because words can’t justify its beauty.

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  • Guadeloupe National Park

    Besides having the famous tourists attractions such as the Carbet Falls and Soufrière volcano, the park has many species of birds and mammals. It is mostly made up of rainforest and is a perfect place to stroll or relax and enjoy nature.

  • Soufrière Volcano

    Soufrière volcano is one of the many tourist attractions in Guadeloupe National Park. Hike to the highest mountain in Guadeloupe, where you’ll find an active volcano. The best time to start your trip is early morning, if you want to avoid crowds.

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