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Trieste is the only mainland Italian city not on the Italian Peninsula and has for centuries been a gateway to the Balkans for Venetian merchants, Napoleonic armies and Victorian travel writers. Today, Trieste is almost entirely surrounded by Slovenia and its geographical isolation from Italy has helped form one of the country’s most memorable local cultures with influences from as far a field as Greece and Turkey. Sandwiched between the barren Karst mountains and the sparkling Adriatic Sea, Trieste is architecturally unlike any other Italian city. Owing to its position as a fashionable 19th century seaside resort for the Austro-Hungarian Empire, many of the city’s grand public buildings would not look out of place in Vienna and Budapest. What is more, the city’s belle-époque cafés, sailors’ taverns and chic wine bars offer ample shelter from the legendary bora winds that periodically whip through the city.

  • Piazza Unità d'Italia

    The Piazza Units d'Italia is found sited just beneath the hill in Trieste. As proof of the importance of the Piazza Unit d'Italia, it is regarded as the main square that can be found in Trieste. There is a clear view of the Adriatic Sea from the square since it faces it and it is rumored to be the largest square in Europe that is found beside the sea. 

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  • Miramare Castle

    Having its construction completed in the 19th century, the Miramare castle can be found northwest of Trieste. In fact, it is found nestled in the little village of Grignano which is only 15 minutes northwest of Trieste. The Miramare castle isn't very medieval but it is also a great place to visit and in the region of Italy where it is found, it can very well be the most picturesque castle there.

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  • Grotta Gigante

    A visit to the mystery-filled Grotta Gigante leaves you with an effect that can only be induced by natural phenomenons. The Grotta Gigante is also known as the Risengrotte and can be found on the Italian region of Trieste Karst. This giant cave is home to a number of large sized stalagmites and stalactites which are all exceptionally beautiful.

  • Piazza della Borsa

    For the perfect blend of history, superb meals and a taste of the Trieste local life, the Piazza Della Borsa presents itself as the best place to be. This Greek temple styled building can be found standing just beside the notable Piazza Unit Italia. The Piazza Della Borsa is also pretty significant since it has served as home to the Italian Stock Exchange and presently houses the Chamber of Commerce.

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