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Things to do in Verona - Italy

While most visitors come to Verona due to the city’s role in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, there is much more to this Northern Italian city than star-crossed lovers. Besides Venice itself, Verona is the best preserved city in the Veneto with a wealth of Roman ruins, ocher colored medieval buildings and graceful bridges spanning the River Adige. The centerpiece of Verona is undoubtedly the city’s vast Roman amphitheater, which was built in the 1st century AD and today is the city’s open-air opera house. Beyond this beguiling monument to antiquity, Verona has a host of marble-clad Romanesque basilicas, Renaissance town houses and atmospheric piazzas to be explored. While there may be no canals, Verona more than rivals its larger neighbor Venice, as it is remarkably tourist free year round.

  • Verona Arena

    The Verona Arena is typically the first stop for many tourists when visiting Verona. This amphitheater which is of Roman architecture is one of the best preserved and maintained structures in Verona and is still used today. Since it was built in the first century right in Piazza Bra, it has played host to very impressive exhibitions and world-class performances.

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  • Lake Garda

    For a relaxing and leisure time, the waters of Lake Garda in Northern Italy with its crystal clear is a beautiful sight to see. Cruising on these waters, be sure to take in the splendid view of Rocca Scaligera which is located just at the South end of the lake Garda. Also, you can check out the Grotte di Catullo, a foremost archaeological site.

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  • Torre dei Lamberti

    Italy has a number of towers which all have some historical significance but the Torre del Lamberti is one of a kind. A mention of "Terre" in Verona and you are given graphics and detailed descriptions to the Torre del Lamberti which is 84 m high. Another fact about this tower is that it was struck by lightning in May 1403 and restoration work took 16 years after it commenced in 1448.

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  • Food and Wine Tasting

    Verona has a lot to offer in terms of tasty and appealing Italian delicacies to be washed down with exquisitely flavored wines. The locally made tortellini pasta alongside olive oil, prosciutto, wines, and sweets are some that you shouldn't pass up on during your journey and of course, the monuments and historic sights that are scattered all around Verona such as the Piazza Erbe and the mind-blowing arena.

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  • Castle Vecchio

    The Castle Vecchio remains a very significant monument in Verona and Italy generally and the role of this monument in Verona history cannot be underestimated. It can be found standing on the banks of River Adige, was build in 1366 and still stands today. This remains one of the wondrous engineering works of the Scaliger dynasty.

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