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Things to do in Nur-Sultan - Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the largest country in Central Asia and the ninth largest in the world. Its capital city is Nur-Sultan formerly known as Astana is located along the Ishim River north of the country.  Nur-Sultan is a planned city that became the capital of Kazakhstan in 1997, it is the where all major decisions relating to the country are taken – home to the Country’s presidential Palace.

In the tourist scene it is not the most popular city to visit but it is well-known for its modern architecture and welcoming citizens. One of the things that has added to the fame of the city is its Palace of Peace and Reconciliation which shows how accommodating the city is to visitors.

  • Baiterek Tower

    The Baiterek Tower located on at end of the Nurzhol Boulevard is one of the most significant landmarks in Kazakhstan. Complete on August 30,2012, the structure is a Monument and Observation tower. It stands at a height of 105 m with a design meant to depict a Kazakhstan popular folklore about a magical tree of life and mythical bird named Samruk that lays a golden egg containing the secrets of happiness on the magical tree. It's observation center which is main attraction is located 97 meters above the ground level, gives a panoramic 360-degree view of the city and features a hand print of Nursultan Nazarbayev the nation’s first president.

  • Independence Square

    No trip to Nur-sultan would be complete without a visit to the Independence square. It is a place filled with several beautiful architectural buildings. Surrounding the Square is the Kazakh Eli Monument, Shabyt Palace of Creativity and Khazret Sultan Mosque among other landmarks. Ideally it should be the starting point for anyone looking to explore Nur-Sultan.

  • National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan

    If you seek to get to know the history of Kazakhstan from ancient to modern times, then a visit to the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a must. The museum created in the framework of the "Cultural Heritage of Kazakhstan" is located on the main square of the country. Its exhibits contain about 14 halls, each themed to represent different times in the history of Kazakhstan. Some star attractions include artifacts from the “Golden Man” found in the Golden hall and the Hall of Ancient and Medieval History.

  • Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

    Also called the pyramid of Peace and Accord, the Palace of Peace and reconciliation is 253 ft (77.11 m) high pyramid-like structure constructed specially to host the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions in 2006. The intriguing structure was built by the government of Kazakhstan to show the accommodating culture of the Kazakh, it is made up of five triangular shaped stories and consists of the Museum of National history, Library of Spiritual Religious center, an Opera Hall and Conference rooms.     

  • Kazakhstani Cuisines

    It should be the goal of every tourist to have a “food tour” of Kazakhstan’s several delicacies. Kazakh dishes are primarily “meat centered” and have been majorly influenced by many countries like Russia, Germany and Korea. The country’s famous dishes include Beshbarmak, Kazy and Shuzhuk. Most of the local cuisines can be found in the numerous restaurant in Nur-Sultan.

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