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Things to do in Bishkek - Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a country of rich heritage and beauty that also translates to its capital and largest city Bishkek. Located in the Chuy valley Bishkek which is the economic and commercial center of the nation has about one million people living in it and is quite welcoming to tourists and visitors. The city is embellished with great architectural works that standout across the continent, it is home to the famous Kyrgyz Philharmonic Hall and Faiza restaurant.

  • History Museum of Kyrgyzstan

    Formerly known as the Lenin museum, the State History Museum of Kyrgyzstan was established in 1926. It is a huge museum with over 90 thousand exhibits. Located on Ala-square in the city’s Capital, the museum features artifacts from the stone age to modern times. Some items displayed include a collection of 20th century embroideries, bronze age objects, old coins, Ancient jewelry and utensils of the nomads of the first millennium.

  • The Kyrgyz Philharmonic Hall

    Named after Famous composer and musician Toktogul Satylganov, the Kyrgyz Philharmonic Hall is one of great monuments of Kyrgyzstan. The hall is at the center of the city with the enormous statue of Manas and fountains in front of it. The hall is use for a variety of things including classical music concerts. Around the premises of the hall you can relax and watch BMX bikers, skaters and dancers perform. Close to the Kyrgyz Philharmonic Hall is the Youth Avenue which has the Mayor’s Office, National University and some huge sunglasses (the first art to be installed in Bishkek) called Point of View.

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  • South Gates Park

    Bishkek is quite the city for parks, whichever park you find yourself, there is no doubt that you will be stunned by the architecture and the serenity. One of such parks is the South Gates Park, officially named Victory Park. The Park is often regarded as the “Oasis of peace” within the city, at the park there are usually events, such as the Tengri Open-air International Classical Music Festival which features talented musician from around the world. Sometimes the locals call the park “Luzhnye Vorota” so don’t be confused when you hear them.

  • Gastronomy

    Faiza restaurant is one of the top restaurants in Kyrgyzstan serving local delicacies and Russian dishes. It is known as the best and oldest restaurant in the city and it is located at the rear side of the Bishkek city shopping center. The restaurant is famous for its special cuisine “laghman”. If you are interested in tasting all what Kyrgyzstan food has to offer, then head over to Faiza.

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  • Shopping

    There are various places to shop in Bishkek like Osh Bazaar, Dodoi open-air market and Tumar. If you seek organic materials and foodstuffs, then heading over to Bazaar and Dodoi is the best bet. Tumar is a known shop for tourists for city souvenirs.

  • Burana Tower

    Burana Tower is a tower-minaret, which was built in the 10th-12th centuries under the Karakhanids, and is now listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. 

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