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Things to do in Monrovia - Liberia

Named to honor the former United State of America President James Monroe, the city of Monrovia is one of the most significant cities in terms of modern African history. It was one of several permanent black American settlements established in Africa after the abolition of slavery.

Now the current capital of Liberia, it has gone through some civil wars that had massive effects on its economy and most especially its tourism sector. Slowly rebuilding the nation is still an amazing place to visit and it's the most culturally diverse place you will ever see. Some of its main attractions include the Kpa-Tawe waterfalls and Providence Island.

  • Centennial Pavilion

    The Centennial Pavilion is the most significant monument in Liberia and is a symbol of courage and freedom to Liberians. Built in 1947 to celebrate the centenary of the country’s independence – it is at the monument where the Presidents of Liberia are sworn in. The Centennial Pavilion also features an obelisk built to commemorate Liberia’s national heroes and the grave of William V.S. Turban who was the President of Liberia for 25 years.

  • Kpa-Tawe Waterfalls

    Probably the most enchanting place in the whole of Liberia, the Kpa-Tawe Waterfalls is one of nature’s best works. Located 240 km away from Monrovia, in Kapatawee – the journey to the falls is a little tedious, requiring a vehicle to pass through its rough terrain. But all will soon be forgotten once you get to the amazing waterfalls, it is a must see for anyone visiting Monrovia.

  • Liberia National Museum

    Set up in 1956 by the Liberian Government with the support of UNESCO in order to prescribe, obtain and display all Liberia’s history, the national museum is the best place to get a crash course on everything about Liberia. The Museum lost several of its artifacts during the Liberia civil war but has still managed to remain relevant, it is divided into 3 gallery sections each located on different floors of the building. The first floor features historical items such as documents from the Liberian executives, the second floors offers archaeological works, while the third is for contemporary artworks and traveling exhibitions.

  • Providence Island

    Providence island is deeply rooted in Liberia’s heritage; it was where the freed slaves from American disembarked on in the early 1820. Some of its attractions include the ruins of the old building that housed the first set of slaves and a peace tree made with weapons from the war. Best to visit with a guide who knows the island for an optimal experience.

  • Silver Beach

    Might come as a surprise but Monrovia has quite a number of beaches – the Silver Beach however is arguably the best. Located at the south-eastern side of Monrovia, the beach is the best place to have fun in the city. In and around the area are also bars and restaurants serving locally made drinks and food.

  • Waterside Market

    Undoubtedly this is the busiest place in Monrovia, the Waterside Market is one of the biggest markets in Liberia. Visited by locals and foreigners alike, the market is the best place to purchase whatever items you seek including bags, jewelry, and foodstuffs.

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