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Things to do in Tripoli - Libya

Tripoli can be considered another of Africa’s hidden gems. Located on the edge of the desert at the north-eastern part of the country, it is Libya’s capital and largest city with a population of just over 1.1 million people. Although troubled by civil wars in the past, the city still maintains its reputation of being one of the beautiful cities of Africa.

Founded by the Phoenicians as far back as the 7th century, Tripoli has much history attached to its past with several attractions to back them up such as the Arch of Marcus Aurelius, Assai Al Hamra and the Medina.

  • Arch of Marcus Aurelius

    Located at the Martyrs square, it is one of the last remaining works of Roman Architecture left of the city of Oea (modern day Tripoli). Erected in 165AD, the triumphal arch was built in celebration of the victories over the Parthians during the Roman-Parthian war masterminded by Lucius Verus the adoptive Brother of Emperor Marcus Aurelius. With no special restriction on the Arch, tourists can simply stop by admire and take pictures with it.

  • Assai Al Hamra

    A huge part of Tripoli’s history is center around the Assai Al Hamra - also known as the Red Castle it was once a major seat of power in the old Tripoli kingdom and evolved into a numerous maze of alleys and houses. While visiting, be sure to check out the Red Castle Museum established in 1919, covering the nation’s history from prehistoric to the independence revolution era. Separated into different wings and floors its collections are unique, each representing a crucial era of Libya’s illustrious history.

  • Street Murals

    One of the surprising attractions of Tripoli are its street murals, located all around the city they represent the artistic creativity of the people of Tripoli. The murals have played a major part in the history of Libya most noticeable during the time of the country’s revolution which led to the fall of dictator Muammar Gaddafi. You can walk around the city to see some works, it is advisable to carry a guide if you do not speak the local dialect to fully grasp the message behind the works.

  • The Medina

    Visiting the Medina is considered a must by the citizens of Tripoli. Located off the Green square, it is one of Tripoli’s most exciting places and a major commercial area. The market is your number one stop for all items you seek to buy, ranging from local arts to textiles. Surrounding the market are several bars, where you can stop for a drink or a meal.

  • Martyr’s Square

    Formerly known as the Green square, it is one of the most significant locations of the old and modern Libya. Constructed by the Italian colonial masters, it was at the square that rebels took major steps in ending the totalitarian rule of the government and also the place of celebration when they finally succeeded. It is named Martyr park to commemorate all that lost their lives in the battle.

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