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Things to do in Vilnius - Lithuania

Located at the south of Lithuania, the magical city of Vilnius has something for everyone, and its quality of being cheap and affordable makes it perfect for budget minded tourists. Founded in 1323 and named as “the Jerusalem of the North” before World War II, the capital city of Lithuania boasts a stunning Old Town, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is one of the largest extant medieval towns in Europe and contains about 2000 architectural masterpieces of medieval and renaissance era. What’s more, the town has peaceful cobblestone streets, beautiful parks, luxury bars and restaurants, and bustling cafes and is the most popular tourist destination in Vilnius. Get the most amazing and beautiful views of Old town from the Gediminas Tower, a 13th century historic building of Vilnius, which contains a museum as well. Learn about the past of Vilnius during your tour of the city by visiting the Museum of Genocide Victims, housed in the building which once used to be KGB prison, through which, the city openly reveals what its people went through and their struggle for freedom during the Soviet rule.

  • Museum of Occupation and Freedom Fights

    The building which once was the KGB prison is now the Museum of Occupation and Freedom, previously named as Museum of Genocide Victims. It reflects the dark history of Vilnius and its battle scars when it was occupied by Soviet Empire. It has two sections, one section consists of prison cells and torture and execution halls, which are perfectly preserved and give you chills when you visit them. The other section consists of documents related to the resistance of the people of Lithuania against the Soviet rule.

  • Gediminas Tower

    Perched on a mammoth mound, the 13th century Gediminas Tower is the surviving building of the Upper Castle of Vilnius and was rebuilt in 1933. The breathtaking views of the city you get from the top of the tower will surely make your tour memorable. Don’t forget to explore the museum housed in the tower which contains the models of 14th to 17th centuries’ castles of Vilnius.

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  • Bell Tower of Vilnius Cathedral

    Located in the dreamy and historic Old Town of Vilnius, the bell tower of Vilnius Cathedral is a must visit during your tour to the city. The history of this tower dates back to 13th century when it was part of the defensive city wall. Climb to the top of the tower and enjoy beautiful views of Vilnius including its historic landmarks. Also don’t miss out on having a look at the tower's bells and the city old clock.

  • St. Anne’s Church

    The breathtaking red brick building of St. Anne’s Church makes it a top tourist destination in Vilnius. Built in the 16th century, St. Anne’s church is one of the best examples of the Gothic architectural gems in the Old Town. Do remember to snap photos of this absolutely stunning church, so that you can admire it later.

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  • Botanical Garden

    Located in the Vilnius University, the Botanical Garden is Lithuania’s largest garden and is a paradise for plant lovers. This public garden has around 9000 different types of plants including lilacs and lianas and it also offers horse riding.

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