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Things to do in Skopje - Macedonia

Skopje is Macedonia’s capital city and it is the nation’s economic, political and cultural center. Nicknamed the “Las Vegas of Balkan” to express its vibrant culture. It has many interesting features like several monumental buildings with intriguing architecture, great places to relax and enjoy the outdoors and of course the beautiful culture of the indigenes of Skopje. It was also the home of the Famous Mother Theresa.

  • Matka Canyon

    The Matka Canyon is an outdoor paradise, located west of central Skopje it covers over 5000 hectares. The name Matka means “the womb” when translated. It is home to the oldest artificial lake in the country and several monasteries. It is a place where one can go kayaking, diving and if you want to experience the serene nature, you can rent a boat. In the Matka Canyon there are several resorts so it is a good place to lodge. The Matka Canyon is so nice that tourist say they spend most of their time there.

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  • Kale Fortress

    Also known as “Skopje Fortress” it is one of the historical landmarks in Macedonian and it is situated at the highest point of the city. The Kale Fortress is of much importance to the city that it is incorporated in the city’s flag. Built in the 6th Century, it has since been a subject to many natural and man made disasters but it has survived them. If you want to get a feel of the Old Macedonia this is the place for you.

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  • Take A Stroll

    Often regarded as the city of Statues, it is important that you take a stroll round the capital. The sheer number of statutes is mind-blowing, during one of such strolls you will run into the famous Alexander the Great (warrior on a horse statue), fountains and many more statues. A stroll also gives you an opportunity to talk to locals as well.

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  • Escape Rooms

    Escape Rooms are an amazing feature of Skopje. If you are new to Escape rooms, they are “trapped” rooms in which players (usually 2-5 players) are given a piece of puzzle to solve in order to escape the room. It is highly entertaining and informative, the best part of the escape rooms is that you get to meet local and visitors you can bond with over a short period. They are mostly traditionally themed, so do not expect any form of technology.

  • Memorial House of Mother Theresa

    Opened in 2009 by Macedonian Prime Minster Nikola Gruevski, the memorial house of mother Theresa is one of the recently acknowledged historical structures in Macedonian but nonetheless an important one. It was built as a reference to the life of humanitarian Mother Theresa (1910-1928), a monument of her can be seen at the entrance. It's located in Centar Municipality just east of the Macedonia. Mother Theresa is well-known round the World and it is a nice place to visit if you are a lover of impactful historical figures.

  • Mount Vodno

    Located at the southwest of Skopje, the Mount Vodno has its highest point at Krstovar peak which is 1066 m long. It is a top tourist destination; you can go from the base of the mountain to the peak in a cable car. Once at the top you can have some coffee and snacks while you enjoy the view.

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