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Things to do in Managua - Nicaragua

Nicaragua, a country often regarded as Central America’s crown jewel, has Managua as its capital and largest city. Managua located on the southwestern shore of Lake Managua is the Nicaragua’s heartbeat. Founded in 1819, it has a population of over 1 million people and several municipalities.

The capital city is usually the entry point of anyone visiting Nicaragua for the first time and rightly so because has several attractions which includes amazing volcanoes, precolonial architecture, exciting reserves and lovely locals.

  • Parque Histórico Nacional Loma de Tiscapa

    The park is located at the hill of Tiscapa Managua’s highest point; it is one of the most famous sites in the nation. The Parque Histórico Nacional Loma de Tiscapa features the symbolic silhouette statue of General Augusto Calderon Sandino a national hero of Managua. General Sandino and his men were executed unjustly in 1934 at the Casa Presidencial, where the park now stands. When at the Park be sure to check out Lake Managua as well.

  • Old Cathedral of Managua

    The Cathedral de Santiago popularly known as the Old Cathedral of Managua is one of Managua’s oldest building. Designed by Belgian architects, construction of the building lasted for about 10 years; from 1928 to 1938. With it neoclassical style the Old Cathedral of Managua has been hit by a couple of earthquakes first in 1931 and then in 1972. The Cathedral has a striking resemblance to the Church of Saint Sulpice of Paris, it is one of the bedrocks of Managua predominant religion and it is regarded as a sacred place by its citizen.

  • Chocoyero-El Brujo Natural Reserve

    Located at Ticuantpe in Managua, the Chocoyero-El Brujo Natural Reserve is controlled by Ministry of the Environment and Natural resources (MARENA) of Nicaragua. The natural reserve established in 1993 covers 1.8 square kilometers and it is a mixture of flora and fauna. It also features two waterfalls, namely: Chocoyero and El Brujo which is where it gets its name from. The reserve is really the best location for outdoor enthusiasts, visitors can go on guided tours, hiking, bird watching and overnight camping.

  • Nicaraguan Cuisine

    The Nicaraguan cuisine is one of the best in the Caribbean drawing inspiration from a host of countries such as Spain and Colombia. Some of the country’s major dishes include Galla Pinto, Desayuno Nica, Nacatamales and Quesillo. Tourists looking to indulge can do so by visiting the local restaurants around the city like Terraza Peruana and Asados Dona Tania or maybe prepare them by getting the necessary ingredients from the local markets.

  • Masaya Volcano

    If you are seeking a bit of adventure, then visiting the Masaya Volcano will certainly give you a thrill. Located in Masaya on the southern part of Managua, the Masaya Volcano is part of Nicaragua's largest park. The volcano is still an active one contrary to popular belief, a visit to this site is special because it is one of the few places in the world you can get to the rims of an active volcano.

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