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Things to do in Lofoten Islands - Norway

Stretching out into the Norwegian Sea like the skeletal remains of some long forgotten sea monster, the Lofoten Islands are filled with unforgettable vistas. The main islands of Austvågøy, Vestvågøy, Flakstadøy and Moskenesøy are separated by the picturesque Vestfjorden and on each island there are a host of traditional red clapboard Norwegian villages to explore – complete with the ubiquitous rorbuer (fisherman’s huts) where locals smoke freshly caught herring over wood-burning stoves. In the winter the dramatic Lofoten Islands are a great vantage point to view the Aurora Borealis while in summer the surprisingly mild temperatures thanks to the Gulf Stream make the island’s ideal for rock climbing, mountain biking and taking an icy dip in breathtaking fjords.

  • Lofotr Viking Museum

    If you ever thought that the stories about Vikings were just tales to keep kids from causing trouble, you might want to think twice. This Viking Museum contains relics and artifacts and many other pieces of evidence of their existence. At the museum, you'll get see real Viking ships and have a tour around it. You'll also get to learn about the Vikings and partake in Viking feasts. You'll also get to know many interesting truths about the ancient people.

  • Haukland Beach

    Nature flaunts its beauty here in Haukland Beach with a beautiful combo of the fascinating Atlantic and the untamed wild. It's almost as if nature is always saving its best for this place. The nice view of the beach that spreads out right in front of you is enough to get you to want to stay forever while the wavy Unstad beach challenges the wits and skills of surfers. And just behind them are the beautiful wooden houses of Eggum. While you are at the beach, you can take a leisurely tour around the place and feed your eyes with the ancient Hamlet's of Kabalvag and Henningsvær. Their unique architectural structures and their rich and really Captiva history will make the tour worthwhile for you.

    Photography Tour

  • Trollfjord

    East of Svolvær is a beautiful place with nice sights and captivating experiences. A nice cruise on the clear waters of Trollfjord while watching the majestic mountains hide their heads among the and an intensely fascinating view of the white beaches on the shores all come together to give tourists the feeling of paradise. But that isn't all about this beautiful place. Tourists will also get to watch wildlife in their most natural habitat. Like that isn't enough, a tour around fjord offers tourists an opportunity to taste the delicious delicacies of the people, fish soup.

    Sailing Trip to Trollfjord

  • Northern Lights

    Nature treats people to a fascinating light show here in Svolvær but before you get there, you can get a taste of hot drinks and cake at Kabelvåg in the Norwegian fashion. While you're still entranced in the beauty of the Northern Lights, your tour guides complement the moment by telling you tales, legends, and myths of the northern lights. Apart from those, a safari walk in the serene forests, beautiful frozen lakes and among the ancient fishing hamlets all combine to make any tour to this place worthwhile. Tourists will also get to see the Aurora Borealis, popular known as the queen, from strategically placed observation points.

    Northern Lights From Kabelvåg

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