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Things to do in Oslo - Norway

Oslo, Norway’s capital city, combines the best of Norway’s breathtaking outdoors with the cultural heft of Europe’s larger cities. While most Norwegian cities are clustered around clapperboard red houses, Oslo’s waterfront is peppered with a clutch of dramatic skyscrapers that are set against a backdrop of forest-clad mountains. Despite its modern outlook, Oslo has retained much of its 19th century heart with the neo-classical building remaining much as they would have done when Edvard Munch and Henrik Ibsen, the city’s most famous sons, walked the streets. What is more, despite being one of Europe’s most talked about cities, Oslo has a number of hidden gems, including the Møllegata neighborhood, which has transformed itself into Scandinavia’s coolest spot.

  • Viking Ship Museum

    If you ever thought that the stories about Vikings were just tales to keep kids from causing trouble, you might want to think twice. The Viking Museum in Oslo contains relics and artifacts and many other pieces of evidence of their existence. At the museum, you'll get see real Viking ships and have a tour around it. You'll also get to learn about the Vikings and how they navigated the Fjords. You'll also get to know many interesting truths about the ancient people.

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  • The Vigeland Park

    Vigeland Park is not just famous because it is the biggest in Oslo, it is famous because it is possibly the largest sculpture park in the world. On about 80 acres of land, the park has about 200 different sculptures which were all sculpted by Vigeland Gustav with granite, bronze and wrought iron. Till today, tourists and even the local people like to take tours around the park.

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  • The Royal Palace

    Norway is a country that is rich in history and many of its traditions now have roots and sources from ancient times. At the Royal Palace, you'll get a tour of the most important rooms in the palace where crucial decisions are made every time. You learn a lot about the vibrant history of the people and get to appreciate Norway more.

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  • Akershus Fortress

    Do you think you've heard spooky stories about places? Come have a tour around the Akershus Fortress and it will blow your mind. The myths and legends that surround this fortress now include tales of hardened criminals and ghosts. At the fortress, you will also get to learn about Norway's most vibrant traditions and cultures.

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  • The Fram Museum

    There is always a lot to see when you visit places like the Fram Museum. Of course, the Fram Museum has lots of unique artifacts that make it one of the top tourist attraction sites in Oslo. Tourists can get to see shows of the Northern Lights from the museum every 20 minutes and also get to see the famous texts in different languages that describe many interesting Fram adventures.

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  • Kon-Tiki Museum

    Not many people would have dreamed of doing what Thor Heyerdahl did. He crossed the Pacific with nothing but Kon Tiki, a balsa wood raft. He looks performed this great feat twice again on Ra and Tigris, two other Reed boats. The Kon Tiki Museum in Oslo still contains these rafts that Thor Heyerdahl made history with and it. A tour around the museum will also expose you to interesting stories about his voyage while you feast your eyes on other artifacts from the voyage.

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