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Things to do in Stavanger - Norway

Twinned with Houston and Aberdeen, Stavanger is Norway’s oil capital – a title that has transformed a once sleepy fishing village into a buzzing small city. While the city’s outskirts are packed with glassy semi-skyscrapers housing the offices of Norway’s state oil company, the city center has remained remarkably intact with a myriad of cobbled lanes and clapboard neighborhoods to be explored. Gamle Stavanger, the old town, is one of Norway’s best-preserved 19th century districts and is also a hidden gem. Free from tourist shops, Stavanger’s old center is a picture-perfect network of narrow lanes, tiny fisherman’s cottages and wooden churches that are like stepping back in time. Beyond the historic center, Stavanger is close to the breathtaking Lysefjord and Preikestolen rock formations, one of Europe’s most death-defying and famous photography hotspots.

  • Preikestolen

    The view of the world from above the Preikestolen is a beautiful one. It is one that will remain fresh for a very long time in the memories of those that have paid a visit to this place. Preikestolen itself means "pulpit rock" and it has trails on it where tourists can pass to check out the world from the perspective of the top of the Preikestolen.

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  • Norwegian Petroleum Museum

    A visit to Norway is never complete without treating yourself to a tour of the Norwegian Petroleum Museum. The reason for this is not far-fetched. The Norwegian Petroleum Museum has exhibits that explain how petrol and other kinds of fuels are produced. You will be bombarded with interesting facts and tales about the history of the place.

  • Kjeragbolten

    The area is popular for its very Rocky formations. Of the most popular rock formations in this area are a rock that looks like a boulder hanging between two giant rocks. The hanging boulder is every strong enough to hold the weight of humans. Many tourists have taken tours to see this natural beauty, and they still never get tired of coming. The moment you take your eyes off the strange rock formation, your eyes will consume the beauty of nature in the place generally.

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  • Gamle Stavanger

    There is hardly a place in all of Norway that has more historical footprints more than the Gamleb Stavanger. As a matter of fact, the name of the place directly translates to "Old Stavanger". Just as you get there, the ancient yet beautiful structures from the ancient times will welcome you warmly to the place. There are also many fun things to do at Gamle Stavanger and delicious delicacies to feast upon.

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  • Museum of Archaeology

    Culture and nature go way back to the ancient times when there were no pens or papers and knowledge was only passed across through words of mouth and surviving artifacts from those times. The Museum of Archeology in Stavanger is one of the places where you will find echoes from the past in the form of archaeological exhibits and fascinating stories from those ancient times.

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