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Things to do in Tromsø - Norway

Located well above the Arctic Circle, the small seaside city of Tromsø has been billed as ‘the Paris of the north’ by Norway’s tourist office. While the city’s similarities to the French capital are dubious, Tromsø is undoubtedly Arctic Norway’s social, cultural and economic heart with a host of art galleries, museums and cutting-edge architecture that would make city’s double the size jealous. The city’s main attraction is the dazzling Arctic Cathedral designed to look like the flowing aurora borealis and plunging glacial crevasses. Beyond this, Tromsø is famed for being the starting point for numerous Arctic expeditions, including one led by Roald Amundsen, which are detailed in the city’s Polar Museum.

  • Fjellheisen

    A tour to Fjellheisen is not complete without taking a ride on the popular Tromso Fjellheisen cable car. From up there, you'll get to feast your eyes on the beautiful city of Tromso. You'll also get to see the beauty of nature unfold all around you. To complement your visit to the place, tour guides will fill you with interesting history and tales from Tromso like why the place is called "the Paris of the north". Make sure you take a camera when going there, there are sights you won't be able to trust your memory enough to keep fresh for a lifetime.

    Arctic Panorama Cable Car Tour

  • Husky Hike

    Of course, it wouldn't be called a husky hike if there aren't any huskies involved. Take your time to admire the strength and intelligence of the Alaskan Huskies that will lead you on unforgettable hikes to see the beauty of nature. You'll also get to meet the Sami people and learn about their unique way of life. You can even get to spend the night in one of the Sami tents.

    Husky Hike Tour

  • Tromso Wilderness Center - Dog sledding

    If you've never taken a ride on dog- pulled sleds, you don't know what you are missing. However, a tour of Tromso Wilderness Center will place this opportunity on your table. While your sled is being pulled by nice looking Alaskan Huskies, you can feast your eyes on the beautiful mountains that surround Tromso. There's more. Over there, you'll get to listen to tales of how these Huskies are raised while you treat yourself to a nice meal of bidos which is reindeer meat.

    Guided Husky Sledding

  • Ice Domes

    Up on the mountains in Tamok Valley are the fascinating ice domes. Built annually just before the arrival of Polar Night, the ice domes make are a shred of evidence that nature still allows man to play with it. The people here are so prolific in the art of building these ice domes that they even build ice restaurants, ice bedrooms, and ice cinemas and the most mind-blowing, an ice hotel.

    Ice Domes Tour

  • Northern Lights

    There are a few things that beat the northern lights when it comes to beauty. Treat yourself to a satisfying tour of the Northern Lights and watch like an audience as nature itself handles the show. Tromso is another place in Norway where you can get to best enjoy the sights of the northern lights.

    Northern Lights Tour

  • Fjords

    While sailing on the Arctic Sea you can feast your eyes on the beautiful fjords and straits of the region. The region is also blessed with nice wildlife creatures like the majestic sea eagle, the eider ducks, guillemots, otters, reindeer, and many others. A tour around this part of Tromso will definitely be worth it.

    Polar Fjord Cruise

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