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Best things to do in Koror Island

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Things to do in Koror Island - Palau

Located in the Western Pacific Area, is the island Nation of Palau, it is made up of over 500 islands and covers an area of 466 square kilometers.

Palau is known for being a major site for World War II conflict involving the United States of America and Japan, known as the battle of Peleliu. But since the War, it has gone back to it peaceful and serene nature.

Most of the sites to visit in Palau involves a mix of the War and indigenous historical places, such as the US Army 323RD Infantry Monument and Ngardmau waterfall respectively.

  • Belau National Museum

    Situated in Koror, the Museum acts as a center for displaying all of Palau’s cultural and history. This is the place to grab all the information about Palau and its people, it features some fascinating artifacts such as sculptures, photographs among others. It main attraction is its Bai (a traditional men’s meeting house) made of wood and thatch with Palau legends painted and carved on it. Although this current Bai is significantly more modernized in terms of style than the previous one which burnt down in 1979, it is still beautifully done. The museum also contains a souvenirs shop and a café.

  • Thousand Man Cave

    Located in Peleliu is the Thousand Man Cave, the island was a major point for the battle between the Japanese and Americans in 1944 leading to the loss of several lives on both sides. The cave itself is a made of limestone and it is said to have been hand dug by the Japanese soldiers who hid inside refusing to surrender to the Americans. Exploring through the caves and its various maze tunnels you would see old relics littered around such as helmets and shoes.

  • US Army 323RD Infantry Monument and Lookout

    Nicknamed the “Bloody Nose” by the United State soldiers, the lookout is located on top of a coral ridged named Umurbrogol Mountain. The hill was a fortress during the fierce battle with the Japanese and it ultimately gave the America’s an advantage during the war. At the top of the Lookout after a hundred stairs climb is a coral obelisk built honoring the soldiers of the 323RD infantry, it also offers a brilliant view of the area called Death Valley.

  • Ngardmau Waterfall

    The Ngardmau falls are the biggest and no doubt the most famous waterfall in Palau, the 30-meters-high water fall surrounded by lovely vegetation would make you marvel at nature’s brilliance. Getting to the waterfall is effortless, requiring just a 30-40 minutes’ hike through a perfectly maintained trail.

  • Badrulchau Stone Monoliths

    Nicknamed the “Easter Island of Micronesia”, Badrulchau is located on Babeldaob island. It is the site for Palau’s largest and old collection of megaliths with over 54 basalt monoliths, which according to Palau legend is said to be the pillars of a Bai (a traditional men’s meeting house) constructed by gods. The site has a tremendous view and is surrounded by lush tropical vegetation which makes it a good place for a picnic. There are others places in Palau you can find monoliths but not as many as the ones in Badrulchau.

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