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Things to do in Asuncion - Paraguay

Asuncion is one of those cities that are easily overlooked by tourists visiting South America. The city is a hidden gem located at the left bank of the Paraguay River, with a population of 525,294 it is Paraguay’s most populous city. Known for its impressive colonial architecture, exotic cuisines and welcoming locals, it is easy to see why it is slowly making its way into the tourism radar.

  • Casa de la Independencia

    The colonial style building has a huge significance in Paraguayans fight for independence. Inaugurated on May 14,1965. It was at this building on May 14,1811, that the Paraguay's heroes declared the independence of nation. The house which initially belonged to Spanish settler Antonio Martinez Saenz and his wife Petrona Cabellero de Bazan was chosen as the meeting point for the insurgence against the Spanish rule due to its location. A typical visit to the building would include a tour of the office room, bedroom, oratory and yard.

  • Palacio de los López

    Recognized as the official workplace of the President of Paraguay and the seat of the Paraguay’s Government. It is named Palacio de los López because it was built under the instructions of Carlos Antonio Lopez to serve as residence for General Francisco Solano Lopez his son. The building was designed by English Architect Alonso Taylor, for the construction of its interior and exterior no single expense was spared with some the materials coming from Europe. At night the building is at its most attractive state with special lighting to give it a magical feel.

  • Asuncion Cathedral

    The Metropolitan Cathedral of our Lady of the Assumption is the city’s religious center, located in the neighborhood of La Cathedral. Formerly the diocese of Rio de la Plata, the catholic church was inaugurated in 1845; with it beautiful stained-glass windows and exceptional design, it is well worth a visit.

  • Panteon National de los Heroes

    Completed in 1936 after the Chaco War the Panteon National de los Heroes is one of nation’s most important national monuments. Designed by Italian architect Alejandro Ravizza with the builder Giacomo Colombino, the monument holds the remains of some of the most prominent people in Paraguay’s history such as Don Carlos Antonio Lopez, Mariscal Jose Felix Estigarribia, amongst others. Often visited by tourist and foreign delegates arriving in Asuncion, the street in front of the Mausoleum is the location for any significant celebration in the Country.

  • Loma San Jeronimo

    Visit the lovely neighborhood of Loma San Jeronimo, one of the city’s oldest parts. With its brilliant architecture and scenic surroundings, it is a must for every tourist visiting Asuncion. The neighbor is intertwined with different streets which makes it seem like a small city of its own. With narrow side works, beautiful restaurants and rooftop bars the neighborhood really comes alive in the evenings with street entertainment by the locals.

  • Museo del Barro

    Established in 1979, the Museo del Barro started out as a private collection but has since grown to be one of Paraguay’s biggest art museum. A trip to the museum is encouraged for lovers of art and history. The museum which serves as the Contemporary Arts of Paraguay and Indigenous Art Museum, features some prehistoric artifacts such as 300 pieces of pre-Columbian ceramics, fabrics from the 17th century, masks and paintings.

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