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Things to do in Manila - Philippines

Welcome to the capital of the Philippines, Manila. Founded by Spanish Explore Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, it is one of the oldest cities in the world with a proper blend of urban and traditional sites.

Located on the Eastern shores of the Manila Bay, the city has invested a lot into its tourism, which has in respond see a rise in visitors. Some sites to see in Manila include, the Rizal Park, Mind museum and Fort Santiago.

  • Rizal Park

    Widely known across the Philippines as Luneta Park, this is one of the best leisure spots in the city; visited by both the old and young of Manila. Situated at the northern terminus of Roxas Boulevard, the park is one of great history being the site of various mass protests and celebrations. Look out for the park’s main attraction, the monument of Jose Rival – who was executed by the Spanish colonial authorities in the country’s fight for independence.

  • Metropolitan Theater

    Situated on Padre Burgos avenue, the Metropolitan is more than just a theater – its more of a symbol of Manila and its people. Inaugurated on December 10, 1931, it was designed by Juan M. Arellano who was one of the top architects in the country. The art deco has a lot of history attached to it, from surviving the famous Battle of Manila to hosting great shows such as the Wolfgang concerts in 2017.

  • Mind Museum

    If you are a lover of science, then this is the place for you. Located in the J.Y. Campos Park in Bonifacio Global, it is one of manila’s popular tourist spots with thousands of visitors annually. The museum is very much as attractive on the inside as on the outside - it has five main galleries namely; universe, life, atom, earth and technology. The Mind Museum was awarded the 2014 THEA Awards for Outstanding Achievement for the Science Museum Category.

  • Ocean Park

    The Ocean park is arguably the most exciting place in the city of manila, with a wide range of attractions and activities to keep you engaged. Its oceanarium is the star attraction – made using water from the Manila Bay, it is home to 14,000 marine animals of about 227 species all of which are found in Southeast Asia. It other attractions include the Trails to Antarctica mainly for penguins and Birds of Prey Kingdom – if interested you can get up close and personal with the sea creatures with some underwater diving.

  • Fort Santiago

    Set up by Spanish navigator and governor Miguel Lopez de Legazpi to defend the city against intruders, the Fort is one of the still standing buildings of the old Manila. Asides from its beauty, its history is unrivaled, being a former prison where several of prominent names of the Philippines died during the Spanish Empire World War II including Jose Rizal. There is also a Shrine setup to honor Rizal which displays some of its personal collections and footsteps embedded in to the ground as a representation of his final walks from the cell to his execution point.

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