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Things to do in Gdansk - Poland

Both the starting point of World War Two and the city where the strikes that brought down communism originated, Gdansk has a complex history. This is reflected in the city’s distinctly un-Polish architecture, as it has been torn between Teutonic Germany and Slavic Poland numerous times over the past millennia. As a major Hanseatic seaport, Gdansk is dominated by the maritime power’s distinctive red brick architecture and the walled old town is peppered with gilded mansions once belonging to the city’s successful seafarers. What is more, the city’s modern history is on full display with the Historical Museum showcasing the city’s complete destruction during World War Two and the cutting-edge European Solidarity Center offering a fascinating glimpse into the movement that brought down the Iron Curtain.

  • St. Mary's Church

    This church is unique in its way and is very popular for being the biggest brick church in the world. Its architectural design makes it stand out distinctly from all other buildings around it. Because it attracts a good number of tourists, the locals have made many other interesting activities available for tourists coming to the church.

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  • Westerplatte

    Westerplatte has quite an unhappy history but this does not make it popular among tourists. This site served as a military base for many forces during war times and it was in this same place that 80 brave Polish soldiers battled their souls out against Nazis that outnumbered them by 8 men to 1. Also, one of the first few battles of the 2nd world war was fought here making it very historic indeed.

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  • Polish Food

    It is a known fact that the food of a people is a part of their identity. Poland is known for its many exotic delicacies. If you want to have a taste of these exquisite delicacies, Gdansk is the place to go to. The city has many restaurants that make local Polish delicacies and exotic drinks.

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  • Long Lane

    This road is filled with tourists all year long as it cuts across many sites of great importance to the country when it comes to tradition, culture, and tourism. The important sites that are along the Long Lane include the Golden Gate, Long Market, Green Gate, Dom Uphagena, the Lion Castle, among others.

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