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South of the Hanseatic port city of Gdansk, the brooding castle of Malbork, historically known by its German name Marienburg, dominates the sleepy Polish villages that surround it. This is of no surprise, as Malbork is today famous for being the largest surviving medieval castle in Europe. The castle was founded in the 13th century as the headquarters of the Germanic Teutonic Order, who at the time were ruthlessly converting pagans to Christianity across the Baltic region. Today, the castle is an awe-inspiring monument to Poland’s turbulent history with its frescoes ceilings, gothic architecture and austere monasticism a reminder of the medieval power of the Teutonic Knights.

  • Malbork Castle

    This mighty stronghold was built in the 13th century with not less than 5 million bricks. It used to be inhabited by the Teutonic Knights Order. An interesting fact about this stronghold is that it has never been captured in battle since it was built. A tour of the Malbork Castle would expose you to countless tales and histories about this mighty stronghold.

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  • Dino Park Malbork

    Did dinosaurs exist? Did dragons ever exist? Don't be quick to disagree if you have not been to Dino Park at Malbork. Here, you will not only see fossils of these great animals that remain in the imagination of kids, but you would also actually get to see the animals themselves. A 5D cinema with highly sophisticated sound effects would definitely make you feel like you are actually seeing these prehistoric animals.

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