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Obliterated in World War Two, Warsaw is a city unlike any other in Poland. While there is a colorfully reconstructed old town to the north of the city center, the Polish capital’s nucleus is the marble-clad Palace of Culture. Bestowed upon the city by Stalin, the palace-cum-skyscraper is easily one of Warsaw’s most memorable attractions with gargantuan statues of heroic workers and breathtaking views of the city’s futuristic high-rises, communist tower blocks and the River Vistula. What is more, a clutch of recently opened museums, including the harrowing Museum of the History of the Polish Jews, has put the city on Europe’s cultural map. Beyond the tourist attractions, Warsaw is Poland’s most outward looking city with the avant-garde bars, clubs and restaurants of the Praha district rivaling those of Berlin.

  • Old Town

    The 2nd World War is usually a chapter in the history of mankind that many wishes to erase from their memories. Many people and towns suffered during these wars and Old Town in Warsaw is one of those places that had it terrible. Many battles were fought there and so much havoc was wreaked. However, the story is different today as the town has risen from its demolition to become not just a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but also a gorgeous and bustling town.

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  • The Royal Castle

    This castle has served as many things since it was first built in the 14th century. It served as a royal palace in the past, before being used as the seat of presidency and the house of parliament. Also, the castle was in ruins at some point before it was rebuilt from the scratch in 13 years. A tour of the site allows you to see heavily decorated Chambers, halls, and gardens.

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  • Lazienki Park

    This park is one of the few parks that look beautiful in any season. More often than not, you could feel that the park has a soul of its own that makes it adapt to whatever season and still look stunning. This makes the Lazienki Park a favorite among tourists all year round. There are interesting places to visit in the park like the Palace on the Island, the orangery and the Amphitheater.

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  • Palace of Culture and Science

    A mere look at this site and you can tell that it would be an amazing experience The Palace of Culture and Science is tastefully decorated both on the exterior and interior. This grand palace is home to not less than 3000 rooms, a university, restaurants, cinemas, theaters among a number of other places. Here, you can be guaranteed that you are experiencing an entirely different world.

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  • Uprising Museum

    The Uprising Museum holds a mountain load of historic items and artifacts within its walls. Of the most popular stories that are told in the museum is the story of how the bravery and skills of 80 Polish soldiers were put to test when they had to resist the invasion of an army of Nazi soldiers who outnumbered them by eight men to one. Stories from many other battles fought during the second world war are brought to remembrance here.

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  • Chopin Museum

    Frederic Chopin, a pianist with a musical prodigy, lived in Warsaw for 20 years of his life. And in these 20 years that he spent in Warsaw, he grew to become popular for his unique music style. The Chopin Museum is dedicated to him and it contains bits and pieces from his life, such as his music scripts, music scores, and his instruments.

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  • Copernicus Science Centre

    This center is known for many things including being one of the busiest tourist attraction sites in the country, the best science center in Europe and was built by the European Union itself, a signifier of Poland's attention to science after a long spell of undiluted religion. The magnificent architectural design and structure of this building brings lots of visitors.

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  • POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

    The POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews holds about a thousand year's worth of history of how Jews and Polish lived harmoniously with one another despite their differences. The museum is divided into 8 galleries, with each telling the stories and exhibiting artifacts about a particular aspect of this harmonious co-existence.

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