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Things to do in Brazzaville - Republic of the Congo

Brazzaville is the economic and commercial capital of the Republic of Congo. A beautiful West African nation, located on the Congo River, opposite Kinshasa the capital of the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo.

The city still recovering from the Congolese civil war in 1997, is growing to be one of Central Africa’s top cities. With about 2 million people living in Brazzaville it is a “city that never sleeps” and always vibrant. The largest city in the Republic of Congo offers great diversity when it comes to its attractions from its wildlife zoo, to its stunning architectural buildings and wonderful art galleries.

  • Basilica of St. Anne

    The Basilica of St. Anne is a magnificent piece of architecture located between Ave de la Paix and Avenue de L’Indépendance. Built in 1949 the monument has a gothic style common to most cathedrals in Africa with an additional subtle Congolese touch. The Basilica of St. Anne is the brainchild of Bìechy Paul, who felt that the Christians needed a place to worship together. Designed by Roger Lelièver it is 85 meters long and technically still uncompleted with the clock in its main tower just recently added in 2011.

  • Memorial Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza (Brazza Memorial)

    Built in 2006 to commemorate Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, the French-Italian explorer who founded Brazzaville along the banks of the Congo River. The memorial features a mausoleum, a museum, a giant statue and a sculpture garden. The Mausoleum houses the remains of Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza who died of dysentery (although there are rumors of him being poisoned) and also the bodies of his wife and four children.

  • Nabemba Tower

    Popularly called the Elf Tower, the Nabemba Tower is the tallest building in Brazzaville at 106 meters high. Inaugurated on 3 February 1990 by President Denis Sassou Nguesso the building is an architectural wonder. The Nabemba Tower was a project of the Congolese government in which they had to acquire funds from French Oil Company Elf Aquitaine to realize. The building’s name Nabemba is symbolic to the Congolese people because it is the name of the highest Mountain in the country called Mont Nabemba.

  • Brazzaville Zoo

    Established in 1944 the zoo is your gateway to the wildlife the city of Brazzaville has to offer. It is not the most outstanding Zoo you will come across on your travels, which is due to the Congolese Civil War when most of the animals had to be moved to other zoos and sanctuaries across Central Africa. The zoo became famous for being the residence of the world oldest chimpanzee “Gregoire” before he was sent to a special center in Tchipounga due to safety concerns.

  • Poto-poto Art School Gallery

    Created in 1951, the gallery is one of the top galleries in the country and a major tourist attraction. Set up by Painter and Mathematician Pierre Lods the center displays artworks deep-rooted in the Congolese culture. Visitors can explore the gallery and also purchase some works.

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