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Things to do in Lake Bled - Slovenia

The lakeside resort of Bled is rightly considered one of Europe’s most photogenic locations. It really has it all: a tranquil lake colored azure blue; enchanting islands dotted with medieval churches; an imposing hilltop castle; and the backdrop of the snow covered Julian Alps. While no longer the hidden gem it once was when Slovenia formed part of Yugoslavia, today Lake Bled is popular with everyone from backpackers inter railing round Europe to honeymooners and extreme sports enthusiasts. Despite the lake’s year round buzz, it remains Slovenia’s most captivating destination while the nearby Vintgar Gorge offers spectacular walks on boardwalks over massive waterfalls, placid lagoons and turbulent rapids.

  • Lake Bled

    Unsurprisingly, the main attraction at Bled is the emerald-green lake itself. During Slovenia’s long summer months, the lake can be explored with canoes, kayaks and paddle boards that can be rented in the town itself or you can hire bikes and cycle around its shores on well-maintained trails.

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  • Vintgar Gorge

    Just west of Bled is Slovenia’s premier natural wonder, the Vintgar Gorge. Formed by the often-raging Radovna River, the gorge is best explored by the 19th century walkways that span much of its length. On these you can walk above the emerald colored water, gaze down at the river’s bio-diverse aquatic life and reach the precipitous Šum Waterfall, which is often framed by rainbows formed by the water spray.

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  • Bled Castle

    Combining fascinating history and breathtaking Alpine views, Bled Castle is one of Slovenia’s most iconic destinations. Perched more than 100 meters above the lake itself, the castle is framed by imposing walls, a deep moat and numerous terraces offering views of the Julian Alps. For those interested in the area’s rich history, tours of the 16th century castle are available.

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  • Bled Island

    Sitting right in the middle of Lake Bled is Bled Island, the area’s crowning gem. The island is best reached by pletna boats from the mainland and once there you can explore its rich history, including the frescoed 17th century Church of the Assumption and the grandiose South Staircase that leads down to the water.

    Pletna Boat Tour to Bled Island

  • Rafting on the Sava River

    A perfect excursion for all adventure seekers is the Sava River, where you can take part in white water rafting tours. Whether you are a complete beginner or an expert at the sport, expert tour guides will tailor this thrilling experience to your ability.

    Rafting the Sava River

  • Canyoning in the Bohinj Valley

    Not far from the tranquil waters of Lake Bled lies the rugged terrain of the Bohinj Valley, which is perfect for canyoning. Tours of area give you the opportunity to hike through lush Alpine vegetation, swim in glacier fed rock pools, scramble up canyon walls and wade through cascading waterfalls.

    Bohinj Valley Canyoning

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