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Things to do in Gothenburg - Sweden

Like many second-cities, Gothenburg has a laid back charm and a sense of understated cool that sets it apart from its eastern neighbor Stockholm. The city’s compact old town is laced with a myriad of cobbled lanes and 17th century canals while antique trams rattle along the picturesque streets. While the city lacks blockbuster attractions, it more than makes up for this with its relaxing atmosphere: the half-timbered Haga neighborhood is filled with aging hippies; locals relax in sun-drenched canal side parks in summer; and fika – Sweden’s national obsession – is beloved my Gothenburgers. What is more, the city is the perfect gateway to the Gothenburg Archipelago, a plethora of wooded islands that stretch from just west of the city center to the North Sea.

  • Liseberg

    In all of Sweden, Liseberg remains one of the tourist attraction sites that draws the highest number of tourists every single year. Liseberg has beautiful sights and remarkable sites in abundance. Of these, there is the amusement park that attracts about 3 million people yearly, musical concerts that features great performances and an inexhaustible list of nice restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy delicacies from all over the world.

  • Universeum

    The Universeum Science Museum is very popular among kids for many reasons, it features a humid rainforest and a number of tropical birds, complete with different beautiful species of butterflies. The museum also has many colorful snakes safely kept away in glasses and many other fun sights that make kids love the place. A tour of Gothenburg is never complete without bringing your kids here to have some fun.

  • Haga

    Haga is one of the oldest neighborhoods in all of Sweden. That is why you might find structures that are pretty ancient scattered around. This location is filled with pieces of evidence of a very long history, one of which is the Skansen Kronan. Generally, Haga is a nice place to be as there are a number of great restaurants and interesting activities to partake in.

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  • Gothenburg Museum of Art

    The Gothenburg Museum of Art is one of the most popular museums in all of Sweden. This museum has exhibits of artworks made by artists that revolutionized the art world including Rembrandt, Edvard Munch, Rubens, Anders  Zorn, Carl Larssonz, and some other notable few. The Gothenburg Museum of Art snagged the Museum of the Year in 2018. A tour of this museum gives you an opportunity to drink in the beautiful art.

  • Gothenburg Archipelago

    A tour around the Gothenburg Archipelago is one filled with many surprises. It is best described as many beautiful attraction sites all locked up in a single location. What's more, you could take this tour by either road or boat. Beautiful sights await you with the Gothenburg Archipelago being touted as one of the most exquisite sites in Sweden.

  • Trädgårdsföreningen

    Trädgårdsföreningen is a park that was built in 1942 and it has since then become a haven for relaxation. In recent times, there have been new additions to the park, such as the palm house which is essentially a palace of crystals and the rose gardens. The rose gardens are quite a sight to take in with the scent guaranteed to make you heady. This horticulture park plays host to many tourists every single day.

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