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Things to do in Taipei - Taiwan

Perched on the Tan-shui River on the northern side of the Taiwan Island and between the Central Mountains and Yangming Mountains, Taipei, the capital of Republic of China, more commonly known as Taiwan, is the cultural and economic center of the country. This global city has 12 districts each with its attractions. Dozens of historical attractions, exciting night markets, tall shimmery buildings, markets, shopping centers, attractive and informative museums, and an amazing nightlife to die for, Taipei has all the makings of a perfect tourist destination. Home to the famous Taipei 101, a 1,667 feet (508.1 m) tall building, Taipei is the city where ancient and modern collide. But along with its shimmery buildings, the city beckons to tourists specially food lovers who want to experience the delicious food available at Taipei’s night markets. Also don’t miss out on the opportunity to see the beautiful temples of Taipei including the Lungshan Temple of Manka and Dalongdong Baoan Temple. You can get to Taipei by plane through Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

  • Taipei 101

    Taipei 101 is a skyscraper with 1,667 feet (0.51 km) height. In 2004, when the building was completed, it became the tallest building in the world and remained so until it was succeeded by Burj Khalifa in 2007. From 89th to 91st floors there are observation areas from where you can have beautiful views of the city. This building has one of the fastest elevators in the world. You can spot this mammoth building from far away and with its lights on it shimmers at night making itself more prominent.

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  • Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

    The giant Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall is a popular tourist attraction in Taipei. Built in the memory of Taiwan/Republic of China’s former president Chiang Kai-Shek, this monument is a fine piece of architecture. The monument is flanked by a beautiful park which makes it even more attractive. Made of marble, the interior of the monument is equally beautiful.

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  • National Palace Museum

    Opened to public in 1965, the National Palace museum in Taipei has an interesting collection and has about 700,000 artifacts including ancient Chinese items and artworks. It has items dating back to Neolithic age. The museum has 4 floors and is a good place to learn about Chinese history and culture.

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  • Confucius Temple

    Built in 1879, the Confucius Temple was destroyed in Japanese era and rebuilt in 1930. The Confucius Temple is one of the many amazing temples in Taiwan, is a quiet, peaceful and informative place where you can learn about Confucianism. The temple also has a pool with beautiful turtles.

  • Shilin Night Market

    One of the most famous and largest food night markets in Taiwan, the Shilin Night market is a paradise for food lovers. It is a huge market which offers a vast variety of food including traditional, international and local food.

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