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Things to do in Nukualofa - Tonga

Tonga is one of the best tourist destination for anyone who loves nature and its many offerings. It is a great place for hikers with its many trails that lead to mountains and caves, exotic beaches for swimming or snorkeling and amazing blowholes.

Asides its natural attractions, the tradition and heritage of the Tonga people should be one of the main reasons to visit, spread across the nation are archaeological sites of past civilizations dating back several centuries.

  • Ha’amonga`a Maui Trilithon

    Ancient but intriguing, the Ha’amonga`a Maui Trilithon is one of Tonga most famous archaeological sites. Considered to be the South Pacific’s equivalent of Stonehenge, the trilithon is constructed from three coral limestone slabs, standing at 5.2 meters high and 1.4 m wide. The actual date for the construction is unknown as well as the builders but it is said to have been constructed sometime within the 13th century by Tu’itatui or by Chinese explorers. Traditional beliefs pin say it was constructed by the god Maui, claiming that the stones would have been too huge for common men.

  • `Anahulu Cave

    The Spectacular `Anahulu Cave is found in Haveluiku, on the Eastern side of Tongapatu –  filled with stalagmites and stalactites, it made up of set of large limestone caves and several freshwater pools. If you are brave enough, you can go for a swim in its waters, they are usually crystal clear. Asides the `Anahulu Cave there are still other caves you might want to see, such as the Swallow’s Cave and Mariner’s Cave.

  • Mount Talau National Park

    Established in 1995 by the Tonga’s government to preserve the local rain forest, the national park which gets its name from 131 meters flat top mountain Talau is a delightful place to spend your day. With its many trails, it is one of those places where you take the initiative and explore yourself, and you will certainly come across its fauna and flora attraction - it has many trees, birds and reptiles. It also offers a great view of the Port of Refuse and Neiafu.

  • Mapu’a’a Vaea Blowholes

    There are really no bad days to visit blowholes – the Mapu’a’a Vaea Blowholes (whistle of the Noble) are a set of blowholes in the village of Houma and are one of the frequently visited destinations in Tonga. The natural phenomenon happens when waves go through the natural path of volcanic rocks causing water to be forcefully shot up in to the air. There are hundreds of blowholes, so it is quite a beautiful sight to behold.

  • Ha`atafu Beach

    One of the few problems you would have in Tonga is deciding what beach you would like to visit because it simply has too many. But as suggestions go, the Ha`atafu beach is probably the best to visit – not only is gorgeous and inexpensive, it is also quite accessible. Offering a chance for swimmers and surfers to enjoy its waters, if you are in luck you might come see some whales making their way across the reef.

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