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Things to do in Port of Spain - Trinidad and Tobago

It is no longer news that the Caribbean has some of the best tourist destinations in the World, Trinidad and Tobago is one of such places. The dual Caribbean island are one of the many former Spanish colonies, it's located some 11 km off Venezuela. Now a sovereign state the island is popular for its tropical weather, exotic beaches and great natural elements.

The nation's dedication to tourism, has not only improved the state of the nation but also the whole tourists experience - From waterfalls to temples to its festivals, everything is designed for your pleasure.

  • Rio Seco Waterfall

    The Rio Seco Waterfall is one of Trinidad’s amazing waterfalls. Located inside the Matura National park, the waterfall is not the highest you would ever visit with a height of just over 20 ft (6.1 m) - but if forms a natural pool which is the largest natural pool in the country and also the deepest. Getting to the Rio Seco waterfall requires hiking, there are two set trails to follow - the Salybia beach trail or the Salybia Matura track with the latter being the shortest. At the top of the waterfall you have an option of jumping from its top into the pool at the base.

  • Temple in the Sea

    Also known as the Waterloo temple, the story surrounding the famous temple is one of both love and perseverance. The temple was the idea of Sewdass Sadhu an Indian immigrant who came to Trinidad and Tobago and decided to create a sacred place for Hindu worshipers. The temple was eventually complete by members of the Hindu community after Sewdass Sadhu death in 1970. Visitors are always welcome to the temple as long as they obey the Hindu religious rules, the best time to visit the temple is during one of the Hindu festivals such as the Diwali festival of lights and Phagwah festival.

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  • Buccoo Reef

    No visit to Trinidad and Tobago is complete without the Buccoo Reef experience, established in 1973 the marine park has an array of activities to keep visitors engaged. Its main attractions include a glass-bottom-boat reef tour to the Nylon pool, which makes it possible for visitors to see its incredible flora and fauna presence while snorkeling.

  • Pigeon Point

    Regarded as Trinidad and Tobago’s most famous and beautiful beach with its symbolic Thatched roofed cabanas. The beach and resort is privately owned by Dr. Anthony Sabga, it features bars, restaurant and it is the perfect spot for all forms of water sports and relaxation.

  • Fort King George

    Situated at the top of Scarborough hill is the Fort King George, built in the 1779 under Lord George Macartney the then British Governor General of Trinidad and Tobago - mainly to secure the nation against attacks from the French. Although the French still managed to prevail, the site remains an important piece of Trinidad’s history. A place to visit because of its stunning views, serene environment and impressive collection of old cannons. One of its buildings also houses the Tobago Museum.

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