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Things to do in Kampala - Uganda

Kampala is a beautiful city in Uganda, East Africa. The city was initially the capital of the Buganda Kingdom, till the country’s independence in 1962 when it became Uganda’s capital. With a tropical climate Kampala is the economic and cultural center of Uganda, the city has a population of over 2 million. The nation itself is a landlocked country but Kampala is home to the Lake Victoria the world’s second largest fresh water inland body, there are other attractions in the city such as Kasubi Tombs and Namugongo Martyrs Shrine.

  • Uganda National Museum

    Founded in 1908, it is the oldest museum in East Africa. The Uganda National Museum was an idea from the Governor George Wilson when he called for all important items relating to Uganda’s history in order to set up the museum. The Museum started in a small temple but has since been moved to the Kisante Hill in 1954, to a specially designed building by Ernst May that helps preserve the exhibitions. The museum features a wide range of collections dating back to the 18th century such as weapons, musical instruments and maps.

  • Uganda National Mosque

    This skyscraper mosque was established in 2008, located in the Old Kampala, it is the largest mosque in the capital. The mosque has a capacity to hold about 12,200 worshipers and has an interior area of about 12 acres. The mosque is sometimes called the Gaddafi Mosque, due to the support of former Libyan President Mohammed Gaddafi in the completion of the mosque after construction was halted in 1972. The mosque has 5 domes and a single minaret which is about 166ft (50.6 m) high.

  • Kasubi Tombs

    The Kasubi Tombs were built by the Buganda Kingdom, the largest of all four kingdoms in Uganda. The tombs are the burial grounds for the former kings of Buganda called Kabakas and members of the royal family. Covering an area of 64 hectares they were built using only vegetable materials, the tombs are really a thing of wonder. On March 2010, some buildings were caught in a fire outbreak but thanks to foreign aid it was restored and further actions were put in place to prevent future dangers.

  • Namugongo Martyrs Shrine

    The Namugongo Martyrs Shrine is located in the town of Namugongo of the central region of Uganda. The Namugongo Martyrs Shrine was built honoring the 22 Anglican and Catholic Christians who were burnt alive on the orders of the Kabaka Mwanga II because they refused to denounce their faith. There is a feast which occurs on the 3rd of June every year in honor of the martyrs, the feast is a national holiday in Uganda and attracts pilgrims from other African nations.

  • Crafts Market

    The city of Kampala is littered with several crafts market, the major one being the Crafts Village located behind the National Theater and crafts center. The crafts markets are usually flooded by locals and tourist alike. Items such as bags, sculptures and fabrics are sold at the markets.

  • Gorilla Tracking

    Experience a real gorilla tracking experience, horse riding for game drive in lake Mburo or game walk to the open Savannah will lots of animals at sight. Then go on a community tour of the surrounding villages around Bwindi, marvel at an amazing view of the Virunga Mountain and get a birding experience while tracking the Gorillas and lots of other primates, butterflies and reptiles.

    Gorilla and Wildlife Tour

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