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Things to do in London - United Kingdom

Standing as one of the mega cities in the world is London, the capital of England and the United Kingdom. Cherished and adored by all, the city has forever been one of the favorite destinations of travelers from around the World for a variety of reasons.

Among its numerous attractions are several iconic structures, such as the Buckingham Palace, London Eye and St. Peters Cathedral.

  • Buckingham Palace

    Representing past and present England, the Buckingham Palace is usually the starting point of tourists exploring the country. Originally known as Buckingham House, it was built in 1703 for the Duke of Buckingham and has become the official residence of the monarchs of the United Kingdom since 1837. Its 19 states rooms are accessible to the public from mid-July to September, when the Queen is on holiday. The tour of the Palace includes seeing the throne room and meeting rooms - asides the interior of the palace, you can move around its gardens. Another thing to look at for is the changing of guard which happens a few times every day.

    Changing of the Guard & Buckingham Palace Tour

  • Hyde Park

    Hyde Park is London’s most famous and largest park, established in 1536 by Henry VIII who used it as a hunting ground. As time passed it became one of the city’s most significant places becoming the location for demonstrations, debates, exhibitions, concerts and sports – also known for being the location for the 1851 Great Exhibition. Spreading over 350 acres the park is surrounded by the Serpentine and the Long Water lakes, and remains one of the best places to take a break the fast life of the city.

    London Tour by Bike

  • Tate Modern

    Established in 2000, Tate Modern is one of the largest museums of modern and contemporary art in the world. Visited by over 5 million people in 2018, it is one of London’s most visited locations, it features the best artworks you can find in the United Kingdom. Located in Bankside, London its exhibitions are divided into various sections with different themes, some rooms at the Tate Modern are accessible with no charge.

    Tate Modern Guided Museum Tour

  • St Paul’s Cathedral

    Considered one of Europe’s oldest Cathedral, the St. Paul’s Cathedral is situated on Ludgate Hill which is the highest point of the city. The original church dates back to AD 604, but the present one was built late 17th century with the designs of notable architect Sir Christopher Wren. With an English Baroque style, it was once the tallest building in London and has hosted several notable events such as the funerals of famous names, jubilee celebrations for Queen Victoria and Peace services marking the end of World Wars.

    St Paul's Cathedral Fast-Track Entrance

  • Museum of London

    During your visit to the city, you would come to realize that there a quite a number of museums to see, however The Museum of London is the regarded as one of the best due to the fact that it offers much diversity when it comes to its exhibitions. Established primarily to document the history of London from prehistoric to modern times it is considered the largest urban history museum in the world and holds up to six million objects. Its exhibitions include archaeological findings, jewelry and fashion, war artifacts, medias and much more.

    Natural History Museum Guided Tour

  • River Thames

    The 346 km river is the second longest river in the United Kingdom and the longest in England, flowing from Oxford to Greater London. The river has played a crucial part in the history of London having been a source of a fresh water source and a strategic site for the nation past wars. A great way for visitors to enjoy the beauty of the River Thames is to go on a boat cruise. The cruise offers tourists the opportunity to see the city in a different way while passing through some of its major attractions such as the Tower Bridge and the London Eye.

    River Thames Dinner Cruise

  • Tower of London

    The Tower of London is a 900-year-old castle and fortress in central London that is notable for housing the crown jewels and for holding many famous and infamous prisoners.

    Throughout its history, the tower has served many purposes: it housed the royal mint (until the early 19th century), a menagerie (which left in 1835), a records office, an armory and barracks for troops. Until the 17th century, it was also used as a royal residence.

    Tower of London and Crown Jewels Exhibition Ticket

  • Warner Bros. Studios

    Perfect for those with a penchant for Harry Potter, this Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London provides a unique opportunity to explore the magic of the Harry Potter films – the most successful movie series of all time.

    Venture behind the scenes to discover a huge array of fantastic sets, costumes, and props. Learn some closely guarded secrets, including facts about the special effects and animatronics that made the Harry Potter films so hugely popular around the world.

    Warner Bros. Studio Tour

  • London Eye

    Located on the South Bank of the River Thames is the London Eye, an observation wheel which is one of London’s most visited tourist destinations. Standing at an incredible 135 meters, it is supported by an A-frame on only one side and it was once the World tallest Ferris Wheel. Designed by David Marks and Julia Barfield, its main attraction of the London Eye is its observation Tower at 804 ft (245.06 m) high on its 72nd floor, it is the highest public viewing point in the city.

    London Eye Tour

  • Brixton Academy

    Known as the O2 Brixton Academy, it is the entertainment center of London. Originally established as a cinema and theater called “The Astoria”, it was remodeled in 1981 to become one of the leading venues for some of the biggest entertainment nights in the city. If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy live music this is the place.

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