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Best things to do in Key West

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Things to do in Key West - United States of America

Located at the tip of the Florida Keys, a string of islands stretching from the southern coast of Florida into the Gulf of Mexico, Key West’s isolation has seen it develop as a tolerant haven for a variety of alternative lifestyles and subcultures. The heart of Key West lies along Duval Street, a gaudy neon-lit parade of dive bars, art-deco burlesque theaters and artists’ studios that has scarcely changed since the 1950s. Beyond the main drag, Key West’s top attractions are undoubtedly the Spanish colonial style Hemingway House, where the famed writer lived and worked throughout the 1930s, and the eccentric Mallory Square, where the town’s subcultures party all night long. While Key West attracts thousands of tourists per year, the island’s Bahamian Village remains a hidden gem with its unrestored colonial houses, ramshackle churches and traditional Cuban restaurants making for an unforgettable experience.

  • Snorkeling Adventure

    Key West is where you’ll find the only living reefs in all of North America. While you’re there, you can bask in the beauty of nature as the warm sun caresses you from above and the clear waters below gladly carry your boat as you sail on it.

    Key West 3-Hour Snorkeling Adventure

  • Key West Shipwreck Museum

    Many shipwrecks happened in the Florida Keys so the Key West Shipwreck Museum was raised to hold artifacts from the shipwrecks and movies are made to tell stories of these sad happenings.

    Key West Shipwreck Treasure Museum Tickets

  • Key West Aquarium

    The Key West Aquarium serves as a home to many fascinating marine lives like tarpons, eels, sea turtles, stingrays, barracuda, and many others. Also, the guides at Key West Aquarium are always ready to tell tourists about these species and their habitats.

    Key West Aquarium Tickets

  • Mallory Square

    Mallory Square is an interesting place that is popular for their nightly festivals, mouthwatering delicacies from their restaurants and nice looking souvenirs from their shops. This Plaza is located in Old Town and runs the entire length of wall street.

    Old Town Trolley Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

  • Ghosts & Gravestones Tour

    Key West is tagged as one of the most haunted cities in all of America, and rightly so. The city has houses that were built long ago in the 19th century. These houses are said to have bone-chilling stories and histories. In fact, it is rumored that some of these houses are still haunted. If you want to see for yourself, you can book yourself a tour around the place.

    Ghosts & Gravestones Tour of Key West

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