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Best things to do in Las Vegas

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Things to do in Las Vegas - United States of America

Las Vegas is “the city that doesn't sleep”, the mere mention of its name alone invokes thoughts of neon lights, casinos, parties and fun galore. Often called “sin city” it undoubtedly one of the places that should be visited at least once in a lifetime.

The city of Las Vegas has often been stereotyped as a “party city” only and one that should only be visited at night which is definitely not true. For those who care to explore there are several other key attractions in the city such as The Mob Museum, Shark Reef Aquarium amongst others.

  • The Mob Museum

    The National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement popularly known as the Mob Museum is dedicated to featuring the artifacts, stories, and history of organized crime in the United States of America, as well as the steps by law enforcement to prevent such crimes. Established on February 14,2012, the idea for the Museum came from former Defense Attorney Oscar Goodman. The museum features some fascinating exhibitions such as the brick wall where the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre took place and pictures of famous mobsters.

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  • Ghost Town (Rhyolite)

    The United States of America is filled with Ghost towns; a ghost town is simply a deserted settlement or an abandoned town. One of such towns is Rhyolite, it became popular in 1904 after gold was discovered in the town which lead to a massive influx of people looking to benefit from the great discovery. But after the promise of Gold dwindled the population of the town dropped from about 7,534 to about 14 in just over a decade. The star attractions of the town include the Cook Bank structure and a small museum. Just two hours from Vegas, it is worth visiting.

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  • The MGM Grand

    The MGM Grand is a hotel and casino located on the Tropicana-Las Vegas Boulevard. It is the largest single hotel in the United States with an amazing 6,852 rooms. The MGM grand is unmissable due to the 45-foot bronze statue of a lion at the entrance.  It has so many attractions that it could take up to a week to explore all the MGM Grand it had to offer. Some of its attractions include the glass-sided lion habitat, CSI area where visitors try to solve murder cases, restaurants and of course its Casino which is one of the largest in the country.

  • Shark Reef Aquarium

    Situated in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, there is a public aquarium opened to the public on the 20th of June 2000 after a long construction period. Easily one of the favorite places in the city to visit, it has over 100 marine species. Covering an area of 95000 square ft (0.88 ha)., its main tank is 1,300,00 gallons (492.1 m³) making it one of the largest in North America. Some animals that can be seen include sharks, rays and other land reptiles.

  • The Neon Museum

    Established in 1996, the Neon is 2.62 acres outdoor museum dedicated to displaying neon signs from old casinos and other businesses. The museum situated on the Las Vegas Boulevard, it features the defunct La Concha Motel which acts as its visitor center and a number of exhibits such as the Sahara sign, Stardust sign and Neo Boneyard Park Marquee.

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