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Things to do in Tashkent - Uzbekistan

Serial travelers will tell you that this is one of the best places to visit, the city of Tashkent is Uzbekistan capital and its cultural and economic center.

With a population of more than four million people it's the largest city in central Asia. Often seen as a “linking” location where people stop by to get somewhere else, Tashkent has grown to be one of the leading cities of tourism over the last decade.

Packed with the country’s best museums, markets, architectural works, restaurants and nightlife it is certainly worth exploring.

  • State Museum of History of Uzbekistan

    This is your number one stop for everything surrounding the history of Uzbekistan, from its earliest settlement to modern times. Formerly known as the Lenin Museum, it was established in 1876 and it has four floors with each having different sets of exhibits about the Uzbek history. The main attractions of the museum include the well-preserved alabaster Buddha relief from Fayoz-Tepe on the 2nd floor and a collection of stone age implements from the cave culture of Uzbekistan. It also has costumes, sculptures and newspaper clippings of the revolts in Andijon (1915).

  • Crying Mother Monument

    Tashkent is quite the place when it comes to monuments, they are littered across the city. One of the most important due to its significance to the country’s history is the Crying Mother Monument built to commemorate the Uzbek soldiers who died in World War II defending the Soviet Union. The Crying Mother Monument built in 1999, features a statue of a crying woman and eternal flame. With the woman head covered looking towards the flame with one hand on her knee - the pose is meant to depict sacrifice. If you are a monument lover, there are several others to visit such as the Monument of courage and Mustaqillik Maydoni.

  • Chorsu Bazar

    Located at the center of the old town of Tashkent, is the popular farmer’s market Chorsu Bazar and it is a must visit. With its large blue dome, it is one of Uzbekistan’s largest markets and have been going on for centuries, it was constructed by the Soviets in the early days of the nation’s existence. The Chorsu Bazar is visited by most locals and it is a wonderful place to experience the ethnic and cultural life of Uzbekistan. With many vendors, some items you would see at the markets include spices, ceramics, fruits and souvenirs.

  • Tashkent Tower

    Known as the Tashkent Television Tower, the 1,230 feet (374.9 m) tower is the 11th tallest tower in the world. Constructed in 1984, the tower built was to spread TV and radio signal to all over Uzbekistan and to serve as a complex hydro meteorological station. It also features an observation deck which gives a nice view of the city.

  • Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin

    Tashkent is a very religious diverse city, consisting of different sacred religious buildings, the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin is one of such. Built in 1871 and renovated multiple times since, the majestic building is hard to miss as you go through the city. The cathedral is on par with most churches around the world in terms of interior and exterior aesthetics, it also has a bell tower as well newly built in 2010. The best time to visit the Cathedral is during one of their services on Sundays.

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