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Things to do in Lusaka - Zambia

The city of Lusaka was once a small village located at Manda Hill but it has risen to be one of Africa’s fastest growing cities. Presently with over 2 million citizens, it became the capital of Zambia in 1935 due to its central location - which encouraged the construction of a major railway that connected the Great North Road to the Great East Road.

Places to visit include the Freedom Statue which represents the vigor and fighting spirit of Zambians, several galleries to see the country’s creative side and of course its main attractions the Lusaka National Park and Kalimba Reptile Park for a view of its wildlife.

  • Lusaka National Museum

    Established by the Zambian government to promote the country’s vast history and culture. The museum was opened in 1996 and it has four sections including contemporary art, archaeological, ethnography and rather surprising a Witchcraft section as well. With a box-like building, the museum features several relics and artifacts from precolonial era to modern times such as sculptures, paintings and voodoo dolls. But its collection of weapons belonging to the Mailoni brothers who terrorized Southern Africa for years involving in various crimes such as theft and murder is the most fascinating thing about the museum.

  • Freedom Statue

    The freedom Statue is dedicated to the brave men and women who fought for Zambia’s independence. Erected in 1974, it depicts a man in broken chains (chains of colonialism) – with inspiration gotten from the real life event of freedom fighter Zanco Mpundu Mutembo. Where the statue is situated is a popular site for the May 25th celebration (Africa Freedom Day).

  • Lusaka National Park/Kalimba Reptile Park

    The Lusaka Park is the newest reserve in the country, and also the smallest in terms of land area covering just 46 square kilometers. Located south-east of the capital, it offers a diverse range of animals such as zebra, wild cats and elephants – its star attraction however is the rare white Rhino.

    Similar to National park is the Kalimba Reptile Park popularly known as “Croc Park”, which focuses on reptiles. A visit would have you seeing crocodiles, serpents and other reptiles. It also features a mini golf course, a children playground and a swimming pool. It is more of a centralized fun environment than the National Park.

  • Lusaka Playhouse

    One of the best places to visit in the city but strangely a bit unknown to most tourists, the Lusaka Playhouse is a theater that offers drama, music and comedy. It does not only give a chance to familiarize oneself with the Zambia's culture but it presents an avenue to socialize with locals.

  • Nowande Art Gallery

    Privately owned by art lover John Kapotwe, the Nowande Art Gallery is a must for every art enthusiast. Located about 15 km southeast of the city center, it features the best works from Zambian and African artists such as masks, paintings and sculptures. Asides this art gallery, tourists can always visit the Henry Tayali Visual Arts Center as well.

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