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Things to do in Harare - Zimbabwe

Welcome to Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital and most populous city. Situated on a plateau at the north-eastern part of the country, it is the nation’s economic, cultural and administrative center.

Known as Salisbury until 1982, the city has been hit with some economic problems over the years but that has not affected its beauty. Like most Southern African nations its main attractions usually revolve around its wildlife, but there is more to see than that in this magnificent city.

Some of its main attractions include the vast Thetford Game Reserve, Chapungu Sculpture Park and Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences.

  • The National Heroes Acre

    The National Heroes Acre is a symbol of pride, joy and freedom to people of Zimbabwe. The 57-acre site features both a burial ground and a national monument. Designed by Zimbabwe and North Korean architects, it was built to commemorate for the soldiers that lost their lives during the Rhodesian Battle (it led to the nation’s independence) and Zimbabweans who have shown great service or dedication to the country. One thing you should look for on your visit to the Heroes Acre is the “tomb of the unknown soldier”.

  • Chapungu Sculpture Park

    Situated in Harare’s Msasa Park suburb, the Chapungu Sculpture Park is one of the most atheistic pleasing places in the city. A must visit for lovers of art - the park is a center that displays local stone sculptures, established in 1970 by architect Roy Guthrie. Its exhibition offers works from local artists, as well as works from other prominent sculptors from around the world. After perusing through the park, you can always get your souvenirs before leaving.

  • Thetford Game Reserve

    Zimbabwe is unrivaled when it comes to wildlife presence, this is evident in the number of zoos, wildlife parks and game reserves it has. One of the most visited is the Thetford Game Reserve just 40 minutes away from Harare, it features a diverse range of animals such as buffaloes, zebras, rhinos and over 150 species of birds. The 3,300 hectares reserve offers a scenic environment and interactions with some less dangerous animals, it really is one of those places that complete the whole Harare experience.

  • Chiremba Balancing Rocks

    There are balancing rocks littered on every corner of Zimbabwe - now more popular than they have ever been due to the fact they were included in the country’s recent bank notes. The Chiremba Balancing Rocks are certainly the most known of all, they are located about 13 km southeast of Harare. Although not many activities to do there, it is a place to get good pictures and witness the wonders of nature.

  • Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences

    The Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences is the number one place in the country to learn all about Zimbabwe’s history and culture. The museum features artifacts dating back to several centuries such as sculptures and woodwork. It must see attraction is the 700 years old Lemba artifact Ngoma Lungundu, the oldest wooden object in sub-Sahara Africa and believed to be a replica of the Ark of the Covenant.

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