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Best things to do in Saint John

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Things to do in Saint John - Antigua and Barbuda

St. John is the capital city of Antigua and Barbuda located in the West Indies in the Caribbean sea. With a population of about 25000, it is one of the top destinations for tourists. St. John as the name suggest is famous for St. John Cathedral, it also features other landmarks like the museum of Antigua and Barbuda, the Fort James and Siboney Beach Club.

  • Museum of Antigua and Barbuda

    The museum is situated in the Old Court building, which is one of the oldest buildings in Antigua and Barbuda. The Museum of Antigua and Barbuda was built in 1747, although not one of the largest museums you would ever see it still a site for every tourist to stop at, to get a well-documented historical information of the island. Outside the building you would find a collection of old trains that were manufactured in the United states. While inside contains artifacts of both Arawak and colonial origins recovered by archaeologists.

  • Fort James

    Originally created by the British to protect the St. James Harbor from French invasion, the Fort James is now a major tourist site that attract visitors year after year. Named after King James II it was built between 1706-1709, and it included a barracks which accommodated 75 men. When visiting the Fort be sure to look out for the old cannons which are the highlight of historical sites.

  • Holy Family Cathedral (St. John)

    Opened on January 1987, the holy family Cathedral was designed in a modern style. The Cathedral is located in Basseterre in St. John. There is a bell tower on the building, which chimes every hour, before mass and at the end of funerals. The cathedral welcomes all visitors to be part of their activities.

  • Siboney Beach Club

    If you are searching for a nice place to rest by the sea, then look no further than the Siboney Beach Club. It is a popular location for tourists with tropical gardens, restaurants and a sport centers. The Beach Club is usually booked, so it is best to get reservations before stepping out.

  • Restaurants

    A major part of the Antigua culture is their food, and the island is having a plethora of restaurants for tourists to pick from. Visit Papa Zouk, Cutie’s for local delicacies and if you want to have food from round the Caribbeans then Hemingway’s Caribbean Café is best for this.

  • King’s Casino

    Built in 1988, King’s Casino is Antigua’s number one location for entertainment, usually visited by locals and tourists, it is located at the heart of St. John just off the cruise ship pier. The casino is a good place to experience the city’s nightlife with avenue for gambling, dining and occasional live band performance.

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