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Things to do in Yerevan - Armenia

If you are planning a visit to Armenia, more often than not you would most likely visit the capital. Yerevan the capital of Armenia is a delightful place, it is soaked with great tradition and great hospitality. The city with a population of just over one million people is great for lovers of European architecture.

Tourists can visit the Armenia Genocide Memorial and Museum, Ararat Brandy Factory and Armenia Military Museum. The city is often described as a city you “grow into”, meaning the more time you spend in Yerevan the more you begin to appreciate and love it.

  • Armenia Genocide Memorial and Museum

    Dedicated to the victims of the Armenia Genocide carried out by the Ottoman Empire from 1915 to 1922. The memorial was established in 1967, located in Tsitsernakaberd the main attraction is the eternal flame that has been lit since the memorial’s inaugural ceremony. Within the same space is the Museum, built in 1995, it contains some artifacts that relate to the Genocide.

    It should be noted that April 24th is regarded as the remembrance day, for tourists who want to witness it. The memorial has been visited by key dignitaries, like Pope John Paul II, Pope Francis and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

  • Mother Armenia Military Museum

    In the wars fought rigorously throughout the history of Armenia, women played crucial roles. The Mother Armenia memorial museum and statue was built to commiserate their valiant efforts.

    Located in front of Victory park is the Mother Armenia statue which was designed by Armenia architect Rafael Israelyan, the statue is 52 meters tall. Although the complex where the museum is currently situated was initially built to be an Armenian church, it was later made the Mother Armenia Military Museum.

    The museum has two floors, on the first floor mainly documents the happenings of WWII which include pictures and portraits of fallen soldiers. The second floor is known as the celebration hall and its main attraction is the Grave of Unknown Soldiers.

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  • Ararat Brandy Factory

    Established in 1877, it is located at the left bank of Hrazdan river at the center of Yerevan. It is known for “Noy” its famous brand.  The factory was started by Nerses Tairyan and Hovahnnes Aivazovsky. Tairyan had initially started production of wine before building the factory.

    Touring round the factory you will learn about the methods of producing the drinks, the bottling process and marketing. It is an amazing place to visit and when leaving you might leave with some samples.

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  • Vernissage Flea Market

    No visit to Yerevan is complete without seeing the Vernissage Flea Market. The open-air market is located along Aram and Buzand streets. It features various collections of Armenian works. It started during the 1980s by Armenian artists who displayed their art for sale and has soon grown to be a huge market. Books, electronics, jewelry and even musical instruments can be purchased at the market.

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  • Garni Temple

    The Garni Temple is the last surviving pagan temple left in Armenia, built by King Trdat the First in the 1st century to honor and worship the God of Sun. The temple soon lost its significance and relevance after Armenians abandoned their pagan religion and converted to Christianity in the early fourth century. The Building of the temple became a summer home for the royals of Armenia. The Garni Temple has since experienced earthquakes but it remains one of the top spots for tourists to visit.

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