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Things to do in Manama - Bahrain

Gateway to Bahrain Island, in Persian Gulf, and located on its northeast side, Manama is the major financial and trading center, the largest city and the capital of Bahrain. Manama with rich culture offers a mixture of both Persian and Arabian culture, which is visible in the behavior and life of its people. Manama got its name from an Arabic word which means "the place of dreams" or "the place of rest" and in 2012 the Arab League officially declared it as the capital of Arab culture. The city got its modern buildings after the discovery of oil in Bahrain in 1932, which also boosted the economy of the country. While the shimmering buildings and skyscrapers including the Financial Harbor towers and the World Trade Center do make Manama a beautiful sight but that is not all the city offers. The popular Bahrain national museum, one of the top places to visit in Manama is the best place to learn about the past and the history of the city. The local spices, clothes, famous pearls of Bahrain, beautiful and amazing carpets and much more can be found in the Manama Souq.  

  • Bahrain National Museum

    One of the most popular attractions of Bahrain, the Bahrain national museum is the perfect place to know about the history of Persian and Portuguese in the country. The museum contains archeological objects, items related to the traditions and customs of Bahrain, historical documents, religious objects, an art gallery, a cafe and a gift shop. The museum's building itself is a fine piece of architecture.

  • Al Fateh Mosque

    This beautifully designed mosque is one of the largest mosques in the country and it has enough space to accommodate 7000 worshipers. The magnificent dome on top of the mosque is built with fiberglass and is the largest fiberglass dome in the world while the mosque's floor are made of marble. It is not only a place of worship but one of the top tourist destinations in Bahrain.

  • Manama Souq

    Located near the famous Bab Al Bahrain building, Manama Souq is a bazaar/market in Manama. With a vast variety of items such as nuts, spices, clothes, gold, beautiful pearls and much more, it is a hidden gem of Manama. What’s more, the market has a small mall where you will also find restaurants. It the best place to visit if you want to see the old Bahrain.

  • World Trade Center

    If you want to see the modern architecture of Bahrain, visit the world trade center in Manama, which has two towers with wind turbines between them. It was built in 2008 and has 50 floors while its height is 240 m. These skyscrapers look even more beautiful when they glow at night.

  • Coral Bay Resort

    The coral bay resort is one of the best resorts of Bahrain and offers a great variety of activities including jet skiing, diving, boat tours and fishing. It’s the best place in Manama to engage with the sea.

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