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Things to do in Bridgetown - Barbados

Like most Islands in the Caribbean, Barbados is a top tourist destination. The island is often described as the “perfect holiday” destination by tourists and the statistics of the number of visitors Barbados receives every year supports this claim.

Situated in the Lesser Antilles of the West Indies in North America, the name Barbados means “the bearded one” gotten from a fig tree indigenous to the island that has hanging roots that look like beards.

With its moderately tropical climate, the nation is known for its beaches, underground caves, forest reserves, festivals and historical sites. Barbados is one island you won’t hurry away from.

  • Harrison’s Cave

    A pure gift of nature, Harrison’s cave is a top tourist site of Barbados. A mix of stalactites and stalagmites hanging from the roof and up shooting from the ground respectively, it is one of the “Seven wonders of Barbados”. The cave was first explored by Speleologist Ole Sorensen in 1970 under the authority of the Barbados National Trust. It has been properly developed from an unknown cave to a magnificent tourist attraction. The caves also include a spectacular waterfall which in turn forms into an emerald colored pool.

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  • Emancipation Statue (Bussa)

    The emancipation statue often referred to as Bussa, the first free-born slave who in 1816 sparked the revolt against slavery in Barbados. The bronze statue which is a man in “broken” chains depicts the 70,000 citizens from Barbados who were freed from slavery, it was sculpted by Bajan Sculptor Karl Broodhagen in 1985.

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  • Flower Forest

    Situated near the village of Bloomsbury, the Flower Forest is majestic botanical garden designed perfectly for guest seeking the pleasure of an outdoor experience and relaxation. The garden is an impressive 53 acres of tropical flowers, lovely shrubs and fascinating palms. After visiting the main gardens, check out the cafe and restaurant for a drink or light meal, there is also the gift shop for locally made souvenirs.

  • Crop Over Festival

    The crop over festival is one of the biggest festivals in the Caribbean and has been happening since the late 1780s. Barbados being one of the largest sugar producing nation, the festival was celebrated to mark a successful sugarcane harvest year. In recent times the festival is now a blend of other Caribbean culture and modernized elements. There are several events and activities at the festival, it begins with the Opening gala, then Cohobblopot, and ends with the Grand Kadooment.

  • Folkestone Marine Park and Museum

    A top destination in the Barbados, the marine park features an artificial reef. The reef was formed by the sinking of the Stavronikita ship 120ft (36.58 m) deep inside the sea. Mainly visited by experience divers, the park has a less deep inshore reef for snorkeling and watching aquatic animals. Visitors can engage in other water sports such as paddle boarding and kayaking. To step away from the water there are recreational sports courts for basketball and football, it has a souvenir shop as well.

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