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Things to do in Minsk - Belarus

Perched on the Nyamiha and Svislach river, the beautiful Minsk is the largest city and capital of Belarus, a landlocked country in Europe. To many, Minsk’s Charm lies in its amazing buildings and the city brims with Soviet architecture such as National Theatre, Victory Square, National Library and many more. I can find some extant old and beautiful new buildings and also some Lenin statues throughout the city. The  beautiful and colorful street art makes it even more attractive. Minsk is famous for its architecture and undoubtedly the heart of the city is the Independence Avenue which has many buildings with impressive design, restaurants, cafes, clubs and shopping centers. What’s more, the avenue also hosts many music events. Don’t pass up a visit to beautiful gardens and parks of Minsk specially the amazing Maksim Gorky Central Children’s park, which offers something for everyone. The informative and amazing museums of Minsk such as National History Museum and Nation Art Museum are also worth visiting. This fascinating city which was greatly affected by World War II and then was rebuilt in the 1950s is now peaceful with many attractions and a good tourist destination.

  • National Opera and Ballet Theater of Belarus

    The National Opera and Ballet Theater of Belarus was opened in 1933 and offers amazing Opera and Ballet, but even if you are not a Opera and Ballet fan you shouldn't miss out on visiting it because its excellent Soviet architecture. Flanked by a beautiful fountain the exterior of the theater is amazing and will take your breath away. Its interior is equally beautiful.

  • Victory Square

    Located at the center of Minsk, Victory Square is another gem of Soviet architecture and a memorial to those who died in the World War II. The Square is dominated by Victory monument which was built in 1954 in the memory of those who were martyred in the Great Patriotic War. It is one of the top tourist destinations in Minsk, not only because of its history but also because of its excellent architecture.

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  • Maksim Gorky Central Children’s Park

    Established in 1805 this public park is situated near the famous Victory Square. Although it's name suggests that it is for children the park offers something for everyone. The park is dominated by the mammoth Ferris wheel which shimmers above the trees at night and is the best place to get the most beautiful views of the city. The park also has a planetarium, ice palace, cafes, a stadium and as the name suggests it has many attractions for children as well.

  • National History Museum

    If you are interested in Belarus history then National History Museum is the place to go. Built in 1957 the museum has around 370,000 objects including artifacts from middle ages and 19th century such as coins, documents, ancient Belarusian clothes, ancient artwork and instruments. The museum also conducts many informative exhibitions. 

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  • Independence Avenue

    Often considered as the most popular tourist destination in Minsk, the Independence Avenue consists of some fascinating buildings with excellent architecture. Destroyed by the World War 2, many buildings in the Independence Avenue were built after the war. The avenue also has many cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy delicious meal.

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