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Things to do in Bruges - Belgium

The city of Bruges is a fantastic city to visit on an itinerary of European countries. Bruges known for its historical and medieval buildings, cobblestone streets and canals is one of those cities that will remain with you for a long while. There is a plethora of things to do in Bruges, so it might take more than a visit to explore the full city.

Visit the Basilica of the Holy Blood, explore the scary Bruges Torture Museum, see the Madonna with Child statue and of course take a trip round the city on the Canal boat tour.

  • Basilica of the Holy Blood

    The Basilica of the Holy Blood is one of the most sacred places in Belgium. It is famous for being the location for the venerated relic of the Holy Blood collected by Joseph of Arimathea. The Basilica which was established in 1157, consist of two chapels; a lower and upper chapel. The lower chapel is a less decorated Romanesque structure that is dedicated to St. Basil the Great, while the Upper layer is built with a Gothic Style and is where the famous relic is kept.

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  • Bruges Torture Museum

    Not a place for the softhearted, the Bruges Torture Museum also called the De Oude Steen is unlike most museums you will see on your travels. The museum which is situated in an underground bunker has torture devices that date as far back as the 13th century. The museum features over 100 instruments of torture, arranged in chronological order of when they were used. A visit to the Torture Museum will no doubt improve your knowledge of the origin and effects of torture instruments.

  • Madonna with Child

    Known as the only notable Sculpture of the famous artist Michelangelo to have left Italy during his lifetime. The Madonna with child sculpture is situated in the Church of Our Lady in Bruges and it is a depiction of Mary with the Child Jesus. The Marble sculpture which is 2 meters high was made early in 16th century and was said to have made its way to Bruges after wealthy cloth Merchants Giovanni and Allessandro Moscheroni purchased it in Italy.

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  • The Belfry Tower

    One of Bruges most popular monuments is the Belfry Tower, located at the center of the city, it was built around 1240. The medieval bell tower was so significant in the old days that it was used to notify citizens about major events. Tourists visiting would have to climb a 366 steps stairway to get to the top of the tower.

  • Canal boat tour

    Bruges is often referred to as the Venice of the North due to the fact that the city is surrounded by water bodies, both natural and man made. It has a Canal Boat tour which is very popular amongst tourist because it gives visitors a chance to see the city in a different way. The Canal ride is usually accompanied by commentary from the helmsman who gives out information on each part of the city the boat passes through.

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