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Things to do in Brussels - Belgium

One of the easiest cities to fall in love is Brussels, the official capital of Belgium. Brussels is located in the central portion of the country and has a mix of French and Flemish communities. It is the largest city in Belgium with a population of about 1.2 million.

Like most European cities Brussels is very welcoming to tourists and there are many places to explore such as the iconic Atomium, the Royal museums of Arts, Basilica of Sacred Arts and Autoworld. A visit to Brussels is definitely worth making for anyone seeking to explore Europe.

  • The Atomium

    The Atomium is a historical landmark built as the main pavilion and icon for the 1958 world’s fair of Brussels. Located in Heysel Park in the west of the city, it was designed by architects Andre and Jean Polak and engineer Andre Waterkeyn. The atomium, which stands 102 m tall, is an accurate depiction of an iron molecule when enlarged 165 billion times. Tourist are allowed to go to the top of the monument for a quick view.

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  • Royal Museums of Fine Arts

    Established in 1803, the Royal Museums of Fine Arts are a group of art museums dedicated to display the works of past and present Belgium artists. The museums contain over 20,000 sculptures, paintings and drawings that date as far back as the 15th century. The Royal Museums of Fine Arts are Oldmasters Museum, Magritte Museum, Fin-de Siècle Museum, Wiertz Museum and Meunier Museum.

  • Royal Palace of Brussels

    Known as the official residence of the King and Queen of Belgium, it is a stunning neoclassical architectural masterpiece. Completed in 1934, it was the vision of King Leopold II and was built on the grounds where the Coudenberg Palace was located. Although the official resident of the monarchs, the King and Queen usually prefer to stay at their home in Laeken, the palace is open to tourist during the summer months. 

    One fun fact to note is that the Royal Palace of Brussels is that it has a facade 50% longer than that of the Buckingham Palace.

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  • Autoworld

    Situated in the Southern hall of the Cinquantenaire Park is Autoworld. It is a haven for all vintage car lovers. The museum holds over 250 vintage cars of different shapes and sizes mostly from the 19th century. Visitors can partake in some interactive games and watch the restoration of the cars in the museum on specific days. Some cars displayed include a 1907 Model K Cadillac and a 1911 Model K Cadillac.

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  • Basilica of Sacred Heart

    The church dedicated to the sacred heart, was completed in 1970 having survived two world wars. Basilica of Sacred Heart is the fifth largest in the world, with a length of 165 meters and width of 107 meters. Designed by architect Albert Van Huffel it can accommodate 3500 worshipers and it is known for it's 8 stained glasses depicting the Life of Jesus.

  • Belgian Beer

    If there is anything the Belgians are famous for it is their beer, they are responsible from some of the best beer brewing styles and traditions. A typical visit to any part of Belgium is incomplete without trying out the beer of that region and Brussels is no different. There are various types to choose from such as Trappist beers, Wheat beers, Bock and Lambic beer. They can be found in any Beer hall, Pub, Restaurant and Bar around the city.

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  • Belgium Chocolate

    Belgium is often referred to as the Chocolate capital of the world. It is widely accepted that the Belgians have the best chocolate in world. There are speculations why that is, some say it is because they had access to cocoa before most parts of world, others say it is the method in which it is produced. Whatever the reasons why, Belgium is your number one stop for great chocolate. Go on a chocolate tour and try out Pralines, Truffles and Gianduja. There are many Chocolate stores in Brussels, so they should not be hard to find.

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