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Things to do in Sucre - Bolivia

Deep in South America is Bolivia, a country with incredible landscapes, polished colonial architecture and incredible culture is a must-visit.  Sucre is one of those cities you should explore if you decide to visit Bolivia. The city really brings out the best Bolivia has to offer and is a real embodiment of the diverse cultural heritage. Visiting places such as Parque Cretácico, La Glorieta Castle and Convento de San Felipe Neri will no doubt give you a memorable visit.

  • Parque Cretácico

    This is probably the most exciting place you would ever visit, known as the location for the largest collection of dinosaur footprints in the world, the Parque Cretácico is known to attract thousands of tourists yearly. The dinosaur prints were discovered in 1994 when grounds of Sucre’s Fabrica Nacional de Cemento cement quarry were being clear by employees.  Asides the over 5,000 dinosaur footprints that can be admired, there are also life-sized models of dinosaur made from fiber glass. They are a representation of the dinosaurs that could have made some prints. So if you are into dinosaurs and large footprints be sure to visit the museum.

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  • Convento de San Felipe Neri

    Nicknamed the “White city of the Americas”, the church was built between 1795 – 1799 by friar Antonio de San Jose Alberto. Inside the church are wonderful paintings from 18th and 19th century. The former monastery now functions as an all-girls parochial school.

    Tourists are advice to go the top of the building to get a phenomenon view of the city. There is also a crypt below the Convento de San Felipe Neri where important figures are buried such as the last Archbishop of Charcas.

  • Casa de La Libertad

    Located at Plaza 25 de Mayo, it is one of the historic sites of Bolivia. It is the venue for the signing of the Bolivian declaration in 1825. The building was originally a Jesuit chapel before it was turned into a museum. The Bolivian declaration of independence document is displayed inside the building until now.

  • La Glorieta Castle

    A real life “fairy tale” castle, while visiting Sucre, it is impossible to miss the pink painted castle. The castle belonged to married couple Prince Francisco Argandona and Princess Dona Clotilde Urioste, they were both from wealthy home. Designed by a British and Italian architect it took four years (1893-1897) to complete the building. The building is a masterpiece which has three towers, a chapel tower, the Chinese “pagoda-topped” tower for the princess and the Russian inspired tower for the prince. The couples were not actually monarchs but due to their enormous charity work they were bestowed the titles of “prince and princess” by Pope Leon VIII in 1898. Since the death of the prince and the princess, ownership of the Castle has shifted hands quite a bit.

    From the Armed forces in 1967 to the hands of corporation for Development of Chuquisca (CORDECH) in 1987. The castle has since been declared a national monument by the Bolivian Government.

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