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Things to do in Fortaleza - Brazil

Fortaleza, the capital of the state of Ceará, is often overlooked by international visitors to Brazil’s vast northeast who prefer the old world charm of Salvador. However, the city has been a favorite holiday destination of Brazilians for decades, mainly because of the miles of unbroken sandy beaches and imposing sand dunes that define the coast either side of the city. While the spectacular beaches are undoubtedly Fortaleza’s main draw, the city itself has an exhilarating buzz. The city’s famously impeccable weather results in a year-round buzz in Fortaleza’s charming streets, particularly those near the historic Ponte dos Ingleses, while lively forró music resonates from a plethora of danceterias. Although Fortaleza’s skyline of rather anonymous seaside tower blocks may not have the glamour of Rio de Janeiro, the city is Brazil’s lively and characterful hidden gem.

  • Jericoacoara

    Take a day tour from Fortaleza of the small fishing village of Jericoacoara and check out the beaches that offers a chance to relax suitably. Explore the dunes while riding in an open-top Jeep and let the cool breeze blow on your face.

    Day Trip to Jericoacoara

  • Beach Park

    The Beach of Porto das Dunas offers many attractions for both families and individuals. It consists of the aquatic park and resort, the beach and records show that over 1 million people visit this park every year. This Brazilian water park and tourist resort are located on a 35,000 m² land area of the total 170,000 m² land area.

    2-Way Transfers to Beach Park

  • Morro Branco

    The sight of the landscapes of the Morro Branco Bay is a breathtakingly beautiful one. Take a full-day guided tour from Fortaleza and pause to exclaim at the sheer beauty of the red and white sand dunes. In addition, a labyrinth carved out of the rock by the action of sand and seawater erosion over a very long period is a sight to behold.

    Day Trip to Morro Branco

  • Cumbuco Beach

    The Cambuco beach is your dream relaxation site after a busy day of touring beautiful and historic sights and sites in Fortaleza. On your tour, spot some portion of historic Fortaleza and the modern Fortaleza. The Metropolitan Cathedral, the Central Market and the Statue of Iracema are some extraordinary sights that you should check out.

    Cumbuco Beach Full Day Tour

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