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Comoros has some of the finest islands you will see on the African continent. The small nation’s archipelago consists of four islands namely: Mohèli (Mwali), Grande Comore (Ngazidja), Anjouan (Nzwani) and Mayotte (Maore). It is located on the Indian river with a population of over 800,000 people.

Since gaining its independence in 1975, the East African nation is slowly becoming a force to be reckoned with when it comes to tourism sector in Africa. Its enchanting beaches, wildlife and all round beautiful scenery makes the decision to visit Comoros should be a no-brainer.

  • Mount Karthala

    Located in the Grande Comore, the Mount Karthala is the larger of two shield volcanoes in the area. The mountain is 2,361 meters above sea level and it is considered the highest point on the Island. The Mount Karthala is still considered to be an active volcano and its activities have led to evacuation by residents around it in the past. The mountain also has a mix of flora and fauna with many species found only in Comoros. Visitors can hike to the top of the mountain.

  • National Museum of Comoros

    The National Museum of Comoros was established in 1989 to share the culture and history of the people of Comoros. Located in the capital city of Moroni, the museum is separated into four parts (4 exhibit rooms) tailored to suit each part of the Island’s history. Some the items on exhibitions include artifacts of costumes worn by Royalties of the island and stone artifacts from prehistoric times.

  • Saziley National Park

    The Comoros island is famous for its wild life presence and no better place to experience all of that than the Saziley National Park. The park which is over 4160 hectares is located in Mayotte and was established in 1991. It has a bit of flora but it is most popular for its fauna, it is considered an Important Bird Area(IBM) by BirdLife International. Featuring several species of birds with some of them being endemic to Mayotte and Comoros. It is also home to sea turtles, geckos and hawksbill.

  • Moheli Marine Park

    As the name suggests this is the Island’s number one stop for seeing Marine animals. Located within the Mozambique channel in Moheli, it was established on 19 April 2001 and it is one of the recent parks setup by the Comoros Island Government. The park is home to various marine life such as sharks, coelacanths and humpback whales.

  • Dziancoundre Waterfall

    Every visitor coming to the Comoros expects to see waterfalls and the country certainly does not disappoint with the beautiful Dziancoundre Waterfall located at Anjouan. It is considered as one of the best parts on the island and it is very suited for relaxation.

  • Shirazi Mosque

    Shirazi Mosque located in Domoni is one of several mosques located in a predominantly Muslim nation. With an ancient architectural design, the mosque was built by the Shirazis from Persia, it holds a significant part of the history of Comoros.

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