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Things to do in Manuel Antonio - Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio is Costa Rica’s smallest national park and, given its proximity to San José, is also its most popular. Covering less than 7 square kilometers, Manuel Antonio receives upwards of 300000 visitors per year, which can make for overcrowded trails and a lack of facilities. Despite this, on quiet days Manuel Antonio remains one of Costa Rica’s most enchanting landscapes with limestone-white beaches, spectacular coastal rock formations and an astounding array of wildlife – 109 species of mammal and 184 species of bird. The most famous location in the park is Cathedral Point, a tombolo linking a jungle-clad rocky outcrop to the mainland.

  • Manuel Antonio Beach

    Manuel Antonio Beach is located at Manuel Antonio Park, and it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. Watching the sunset on this beach always guarantees an incredible feeling of fulfillment while the beautiful vegetation surrounding the beach makes for a fascinating sight. Also, the consistent waves that hit this beach make it a great location for surfing and snorkeling. All these put together, make the beach one of the most beautiful in the entire country.

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  • Manuel Antonio National Park

    When Forbes lists a park among the top 10 most beautiful parks in the world, you should know that it is one that you should definitely visit. The park's unique flora and fauna species are one of many factors that contribute to Forbes' recognition of the park. During the tour of this beautiful park, you would also get to see the four different monkey species that Costa Rica has.

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  • White Water Rafting

    White water rafting at the Savagre River makes for an experience of a lifetime you try to maneuver around magnetic rocks and dredges in the wild river. This thrilling and adrenaline-filled experience is always a favorite among tourists who visit the site. Apart from the thrill from the rafting experience, there are beautiful sights to see as the river cuts across a number of forests and canyons.

    White Water Rafting Savegre River

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