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Things to do in Nicosia - Cyprus

Situated near the center of the Mesaoria, is the lovely Nicosia; the capital of the island of Cyprus. Like most cities located on an island, Nicosia is on the list of tourists’ top destinations. It is very easy to fall in love with the city, it is known for its lovely weather, beautiful landscape, amazing architecture and so much more.

It is a city which is rich in cultural heritage and have managed to preserve its great history, every location visited in Nicosia will certainly give you a feeling of satisfaction.

  • The Phaneromeni Church

    With fantastic Venetian architecture the Phaneromeni Church is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. Located at the center of the city it is also called “Lady of Nicosia”, inside the church is carefully designed with elegant antiques and murals. Visitors are allowed to visit the Church at any time but it is better to go on a Sunday if you want to be part of a service. Around the Phaneromeni Church there are several cafes and restaurants that tourists can explore.

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  • Famagusta Gate

    Constructed by the Venetians in 1567 to defend the city against future Ottoman attacks. The gate is actually one of three gates built by the Venetians, originally known as the “Porta Giuliana” named after the architect Giulio who designed it. The Famagusta Gate connected to the road leading to the largest port at the time. Tourists can walk through the gates and explore the areas inside the gate.

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  • Omeriye Hamam

    If you are new to Hamams, they are Turkish baths usually done in a public bathing set up. Hamams have always been a part of the culture of Cyprus, brought to the nation by the Ottomans; it serves to improve health and general wellness. The Omeriye Hamam dates back to 14th century and still active to the present day, you can visit to have baths and there are even cabins for resting after. It should be noted that the facilities to be used are mostly gendered due to religious beliefs.

  • Athalassa National Forest Park

    Although Nicosia and Cyprus are filled with many parks, this is the most popular of all. The park covers an area of 8.5 square kilometers and is located between the Aglantiza, Strovolos, Latsia and Geri municipalities. The entire park is a conscious effort by the Cyprus department of forest because it was initially a treeless piece of land but after much development it has been transformed to the lovely park which features artificial lakes as well.

  • Cyprus Museum

    Established in 1882 the museum is the oldest and largest archaeological museum in the country. Most of the artifacts in the museum were gotten from excavations on the island. The museum consists of 14 display halls, storerooms, a library, laboratories for preserving and studying items and offices. Displayed are items from as far back as the stone age, such as sculptures and jewelry. It also features ancient Greek tombs of Salamis.

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