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Things to do in Telč - Czech Republic

In 1530 the humdrum town of Telč burned to ground in a devastating fire and from its ashes was built one of Europe’s hidden Renaissance gems. A slew of 16th century construction transformed what was once a small and insignificant town into a glorious baroque set piece of pastel colored burgers’ houses bedecked in dazzling frescoes, a romantic chateau and one of Europe’s most captivating public squares. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992, Telč is rightly recognized as the finest example of Renaissance town planning north of Italy. The town is undoubtedly southern Moravia’s premier attraction and makes an ideal day trip from Brno, the nearby second-city of the Czech Republic.

  • Telc château

    Telc dates back to 1099 and was established after the Czech Duke Bretislav was defeated by the Moravian Duke Otto II in the year 1099. Tell also has a historic center which has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. A tour of this site is in order due to the amount of history it holds.

    Trebíc and Telc Tour from Prague

  • Restaurant Švejk Na Zámecké

    Located right next to the castle, this site usually has a gathering of hungry locals and tourists and is a way to learn more about the castle and town in general. It's pub-like setting also serves to relax you while engaging in idle conversation or just listening in on the conversation flying around.

  • Church of the Holy Spirit

    Unlike the picture that comes to mind upon hearing this name, climbing up the stairs on your tour reveals the mysteries of a tower that has served as a guardian angel to this town for almost 800 years. Similarly, this tower offers a great view of the Pearl of Central European Renaissance which you would find right in front.

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