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Best things to do in Santo Domingo

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Things to do in Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic

The Caribbean is one of the go to spots for tourists and this comes as no surprise due to its lovely tropical weather that brings about lovely sunshine all year long, the beauty side attractions and of course the Caribbean Culture. One of such Caribbean cities is Santo Domingo, the Capital City of Dominican Republic.

Santo Domingo is one of the largest city in the Caribbean in terms of population, and has a rich Spanish Heritage to back it up.

  • Catedral Primada de America

    One of the best places to be fully immersed in the deep history of Santo Domingo with its brilliant Architecture that has been in place since 1540. It is regarded as the best cathedral built in the Americas. Also known as Basilica Cathedral of Santa Maria, it is located at the center of Parque Colon; a vibrant park that often sees the influx of street performers like musicians, dancers and magicians.

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  • Monasterio de San Francisco

    The Monasterio De San Francisco ruins are one of the most enchanting sites in the whole of Santo Domingo, famous for being the first monastery of “the New World”. Built in 1508 the monastery has undergone series of changes mostly inflicted by natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes and still it stands.  There is so much history in the walls of this monastery it has been regarded as part of the “Dominican heritage”. A very nice place for people who cherish serenity and the peaceful nature of archaic buildings.

  • Quisqueya Stadium

    If you love Sports, then look no further than the Quisqueya Stadium. If you are looking for a way to experience the sports culture in Santo Domingo this is the place to be. The roars from the crowd can be heard miles away, it is an absolute gripping atmosphere when the fans are in full voices.

    This stadium is use as a multi-purpose stadium hosting both football games and baseball games, although it more known for the latter and it is named after Major League Baseball player and Legend Famer Juan Marichal.

  • The Three Eyes National Park

    No visit to Santo Domingo is complete without a visit to The Three Eyes National Park, often visited by tourists and citizens who don’t live close to the capital. It is a nature reserve which consist of three different freshwater cave pools (hence the name three eyes) namely “Aguas Azufurad”, "La Nevera" and “Las Damas”. There is also a lesser known fourth cave pool “Los Zaramagullones”. So if you are an explorer and don’t might going into close spaces this is the right location for you.

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  • Santo Domingo Museums

    There are various museums in Santo Domingo if you are interested in knowing the rich history of the city.  The Amber World Museum is one of such, where you get to see the different types of amber samples and experience the eye-catching displays in the Museum. A visit to the Choco Museum will no doubt be worthwhile as well; to learn the history of the Cacao industry but also try out the products from the industry (like drinks and chocolate bars).

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