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Best things to do in Suva

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Things to do in Suva - Fiji

Located on the Southeast cost of Viti Lewu, in the Rewa Province. Suva is the capital of Fiji and the largest city in the South pacific with a population of over 90,000. If beautiful sunshine, clear beaches and vibrant nightlife is what you seek then Suva is excellent for you.

A top tourist destination with great places to visit within the capital like Colo-i-suva forest Park, Fiji Museum, Mariamma Temple and many others.

  • Mariamma Temple

    The Mariamma temple is a sacred place for indigenes of Suva, it is the oldest temple in Fiji. When at the temple, during festivities, watch out of the “Vilavilairevo” a Hindu ceremony which is part of the annual religious activities on the Island, it involves men walking on red-hot coal.

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  • Albert Park

    This recreational Park was named after Prince Albert, the consort of queen Victoria. It has immense historical importance; it was the landing site for Australian Aviator Sir Charles Kingford Smith the first aviator to fly across the Pacific. He did so in 1928. Albert Park is also the site for the first hoisting of the new Fiji flag on October 1970.

    The park is quite a large one and quite capable of hosting two rugby matches simultaneously, with another area for hockey matches. It played host to the 2018-2019 ICC world Twenty20 East Asia-Pacific Qualifier tournament.

  • Fiji Museum

    Visit the Fiji Museum if you are trying to learn about historical facts about the island. The Museum is filled with archaeological findings going as far back as 4000 years with other special artifacts linked with Fiji’s Heritage. The museum is situated in Thurston Garden Suva.

  • Suva Municipal Market

    Maybe the most important place in the whole of Suva, the market brings traders from all parts of the nation. It plays a critical role to the economic growth of Fiji. For every tourists planning to visit buckle up your shoes; because the hustling and bustling of this market is like no other that you have never seen before. In the market you can shop for different fresh goods like tomatoes, cassava, water melons and yam at relatively cheap prices. To experience the lifestyle of the locals it is critical you visit the market.

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  • Thurston Gardens

    The botanical garden is named after former Governor Sir John Bates Thurston, it is a spectacular vegetation that is well organize for your aesthetic pleasure. After walking through the gardens visitors can relax and have a picnic while enjoying the serene nature of the Gardens.

  • Colo-i-Suva Forest Park

    The park is a 2.5-sq-km long and filled with different activities for visitors to do like swimming, hiking and robe swinging. It is one of the primary spots for tourists visiting the Fiji Islands. While walking around the forest, you are sure to see various exotic animals. Be sure to go there prepared if you want to go hiking because it is a long walk.

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