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Things to do in Mykonos - Greece

With its enchanting windmills, ancient Greek temples and dazzling whitewashed cottages, Mykonos is undoubtedly one of the most charming islands of the Cyclades. The island is little more than 80 square kilometers with most attractions nestled in the arid hills and sun-washed coves near to the island’s de facto capital, the maze-like town of Hora. The white sand beaches that spread out either side of Hora are some of Europe’s most spectacular and are surrounded by traditional Greek tavernas dishing out rustic Mediterranean classics. Beyond the beaches and main town, Mykonos’ hidden gem is the enchanting ancient ruin of Delos where the Temple of Isis offers commanding views of the Cycladic island chain.

  • Delos Island

    Immortalized as the mythical birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, the island of Delos was one of ancient Greece’s most sacred locations. While today no one lives on the UNESCO World Heritage listed island, during its heyday in the 1st millennia BC it was a vibrant city with a plethora of Doric colonnaded temples, stepped theaters, rich mosaic houses and the awe-inspiring Terrace of Lions. Guided tours of the island are recommended as they help you to imagine the ancient city in all its past splendor.

    The Original Morning Delos Guided Tour

  • Ftelia Beach

    On the northern shore of Mykonos lies one of Greece’s most charming golden sand beaches. For those looking to relax, Ftelia is a must visit in Mykonos while a number of excellent taverns are available for some respite from the midday sun. However, Ftelia offers more than just sunbathing: history enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the ruins of a nearby Neolithic settlement and adrenaline junkies can try out windsurfing.

    Mykonos Authentic Island Tour

  • Archaeological Museum of Mykonos

    Located in a typically Cycladic whitewashed building, the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos showcases a small but well curated selection of urns, funerary art and figurines from prehistory to the golden age of Hellenic culture.

    Mykonos Walking Tour

  • Delos Synagogue

    When on the sacred island of Delos make sure to head off the beaten track to visit the remote ancient synagogue, thought to be one of the world’s oldest. Located far from the center of ancient Delos, the synagogue, with origins dating from the 1st century BC, is one of the island’s hidden gems. While there is little left today but ruins, guided tours of the site reveal the unique Jewish heritage of Delos.

    Delos Synagogue Jewish Heritage Private Tour

  • Snorkeling Sea Safari

    Far from the crowded beaches near Mykonos Town, the speedboat sea safari takes visitors to the island’s rugged and remote southeastern corner where you can spot dolphins, swim amongst reefs peppered with ancient Greek artifacts and snorkel with some of the Cyclades’ most impressive sea life. What is more, from the vantage point of the speedboat visitors can get an awe-inspiring vista of Mykonos’ breathtaking coastline.

    Private Boat Trip and Snorkeling Sea Safari

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