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Best things to do in Guatemala City

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Things to do in Guatemala City - Guatemala

At just over nine hundred thousand people, Guatemala City is one of the largest city in Guatemala. It is a place that radiates beauty and is filled with lovely people. Guatemala City is not very well-known especially to people seeking for cities to visit and contrary to popular belief it is a great city to visit and it has that intimate and homely feel to it that may not be experienced in large cities. Tourists can explore a number of exciting sites within the city such as Iglesia de La Merced, Palacio Nacional de la cultural Museo and Ixchel del Traje Indigena.

  • Iglesia de La Merced

    The baroque church built in 1767 is one of the monuments of Guatemala, it was designed and constructed by Juan de Dios Estrada. The Iglesia de La Merced was specially designed to withstand earthquakes. With a lime-based yellow painting, it's effortless to notice this historical church. Inside the church you will notice the gold-plated altars and a four room museum with magnificent paintings, statues and sculptures. Most tourist visit the Iglesia de La Merced during the Holy week to witness the Holy week processions. The church has since its establishment been hit by two major earthquakes the Santa Marta earthquake and Guatemala earthquake but still remains active.

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  • Museo Popol Vuh

    Founded by Jorge and Ella Castillo, the Museo Popol Vuh holds one of the largest collection of Mayan art in world. Established in 1978 the museum is the number one stop for tourists interested in knowing about Mayans and precolonial history of Guatemala. The museum is stuffed with prehistoric Mayan sculptures, burial urns, traditional textiles and authentic documents. If interested the museum offers tours for visitors.

  • Palacio Nacional de la Cultura

    Inaugurated on November 10, 1943, the Palacio Nacional de la Cultural also called “Palacio Verde” by locals is one of the most important buildings in Guatemala. The key attraction of landmarks are the gigantic brass hands in the Patio de la Paz. The hands are monuments to signify the signing of the 1996 Guatemalan Peace Accords. Historically the palace is the third building to sit on this location.

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  • La Bodeguita del Medio

    The hangout is the go to place for locals and visitors seeking the thrill of the Guatemalan night live. Always available at the hangout, is live music, food and drinks. The main days are usually the weekends when people are required to pay to gain entrance. La Bodeguita del Medio have been visited by a host of famous persons such as Nobel prizing winning writers, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.

  • Museo Ixchel del Traje Indigena

    Located at the Francisco Marroquin University, the museum was established in 1993. Named after the Goddess of the moon, reproduction, women and textiles. The museum is a textile and clothing one and it explores the clothing trends throughout the Mayan and Guatemalan history. The museum also has a library, cafe and shops where tourists can acquire textile products for themselves as souvenirs.

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  • Guatemala Pacaya Volcano

    The Pacaya Volcano is the most active volcano in Guatemala at 2,500 meters. Witness spectacular views of the lagoon of Calderas and three other volcanoes: Agua, Fuego and Acatenango. The surrounding area is an experience unto itself, composed in large part of humid forest and rocks.

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